EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning Kits

The EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning Kits are citation-leading bisulfite conversion kits that allow the fastest complete bisulfite conversion of DNA, featuring rapid and reliable bisulfite treatment for methylation analysis. A key feature of these bisulfite conversion kits is the ready-to-use Lightning Conversion Reagent. No preparation is necessary, simply add this unique reagent to a DNA sample, incubate for approximately 1 hour, and let the reaction proceed to completion. These bisulfite conversion kits allow desulphonation and clean-up of converted DNA to be performed using a unique low-elution spin column. In addition to the spin-column format, the EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Lightning MagPrep Kit is the fastest magnetic bead-based bisulfite conversion kit for rapid and reliable bisulfite treatment and conversion of DNA to achieve high-throughput methylation analysis. The key to the magnetic bead-based bisulfite conversion kits workflow is the convenient magnetic binding beads and the ready-to-use Lightning Conversion Reagent. Desulphonation and clean-up of the converted DNA is performed while bound to the MagBinding Beads. Whether using MagBead or spin-column cleanups, the high yield, converted DNA from these bisulfite conversion kits is ideal for PCR, array, and next-generation sequencing such as bisulfite sequencing, etc.

Comparison Table

Catalog #ProductFormatElution Volume
D5030EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning KitSpin-Column≥ 10 ul
D5032EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Lightning Kit (Shallow-Well)96-Well (Shallow)≥ 30 µl
D5033EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Lightning Kit (Deep-Well)96-Well (Deep)≥ 15 µl
D5046EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Lightning MagPrepMagnetic Beads≥ 25 µl
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