RNA Clean & Concentrator Kits (RCC)

The RNA Clean & Concentrator kits are RNA clean up kits that provide a simple and reliable method for the rapid preparation of high-quality RT-PCR-ready, DNA-free RNA (R1013, R1014). This simple procedure of these RNA clean up kits is based on the use of a unique single-buffer system and Zymo-Spin column technology that allows for selective recovery of total RNA (> 17 nt), large RNAs (> 200 nt), and/or small RNAs (17-200 nt).

The procedure of these RNA clean up kits is easy: Add binding buffer and ethanol to your sample, then bind, wash and elute ultra pure RNA. The RNA can be eluted from the Zymo-Spin IC Column in as little as ≥6 µl of RNase-free water. The highly-concentrated, purified RNA from these RNA clean up kits is suitable for all subsequent analyses and molecular manipulations.

Comparison Table

Catalog #ProductBinding CapacityElution VolumeFormat
R1013RNA Clean & Concentrator-510 µg6 µlSpin-Column
R1080RNA Clean & Concentrator-9610 µg10 µl96-Well Plate
R1017RNA Clean & Concentrator-2550 µg25 µlSpin-Column
R1019RNA Clean & Concentrator-1001 mg100 µlSpin-Column
R1081RNA Clean & Concentrator MagBead10 µg15 µlMagnetic Beads

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