Wastewater Surveillance and Public Health:

An Integrated Approach for Pathogen Detection, AMR Monitoring, and Functional Analysis in Wastewater

Wastewater surveillance has become a crucial tool in public health epidemiology, particularly highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Modern culture-independent sequencing methods, essential for offering comprehensive insights, play a significant role. In this study, we introduce an innovative and integrated approach for simultaneous pathogen detection, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) monitoring, and functional analysis in wastewater systems.

Discover how leveraging advanced sample preparation technologies provided by Zymo Research in combination with Next Generation Sequencing methodologies can elevate our comprehension of microbial dynamics within wastewater environments.

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    Application Note Highlights:

  • Evaluation of Zymo Research's NEW Quick-DNA/RNA™ Water Kit
  • Comparison of PacBio Onso™ short-read sequencing and Illumina NextSeq 2000™ sequencing technology for wastewater microbial and AMR analysis
  • Comprehensive bioinformatic analysis of key functional bacterial groups in wastewater

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