DNA/RNA Co-Purification Overview

To meet the demands of scientists wishing to extract DNA and RNA simultaneously from the same source, Zymo Research offers a line of DNA/RNA co-purification kits designed for this purpose. Cells or tissues can be processed using the ZR-Duet DNA/RNA MiniPrep, in which DNA and RNA are eluted into separate tubes. Kits are available for co-purification of viral DNA and RNA from cells and biological liquids.  Also, the ssDNA/RNA Clean & Concentrator provides a convenient method of isolating single-stranded nucleic acids from double-stranded species.

DNA/RNA Co-Purification Technologies


Rapid separation, clean-up, and concentration of single stranded DNA and/or RNA from double stranded species (genomic DNA).  (Learn More)

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Cells & Tissue

Simultaneous isolation of high-quality genomic DNA and total RNA from cells and tissues.  (Learn More)

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Serum, Plasma, & Body Fluids

Rapidly purify both DNA and RNA from biological liquids and body fluids, including serum and plasma.  (Learn More)

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