Region-Specific DNA Methylation Analysis Overview

Zymo Research offers a unique line of products, OneStep qMethyl™ kits, for bisulfite-free determination of region-specific DNA methylation status in a single step. These real-time PCR-based kits feature methylation-sensitive restriction enzymes, a unique buffer compatible with both restriction digestion and PCR, and are ideal for rapid and quantitative screening of DNA methylation levels at single regions or multiple loci. Pre-validated assays are also available to analyze the promoters of several important tumor-supressors and stem cell-specific genes. Determine the methylation status in any DNA sample in OneStep™ – it’s that easy!

Region-Specific DNA Methylation Analysis Technologies

OneStep qMethyl™

Complete system containing all buffers, reagents, and controls for bisulfite-free determination of DNA methylation status.

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OneStep qMethyl™ - Lite

Similar to the OneStep qMethyl™ Kit, but provided without SYTO®9 fluorescent dye for use with the investigator’s dye or probe of choice.

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