DNA-Free RNA Overview

For many downstream applications, it is essential to have RNA that is free of contaminating genomic DNA.  Zymo Research's RNA isolation kits remove the vast majority of genomic DNA and feature convenient in-column DNase I treatment. The DNA-Free RNA Kit, Direct-zol RNA and Quick-RNA kits include DNase I for fast and efficient genomic DNA removal.

DNA-Free RNA Technologies

DNA-Free RNA Kit

For rapid preparation of high-quality, highly-concentrated, DNA-free RNA that is suitable for RT-PCR, hybridization, RNA-Seq, etc.

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Direct-zol™ Kits

Spin column- and plate-based isolation of DNA-free RNA (≥17 nt) directly from TRI Reagent®, TRIzol®, and all other acid-guanidinium-phenol based reagents without conventional phase separation or precipitation steps! DNase I included.

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Quick-RNA™ Kits

Non-organic isolation of total, small, or large DNA-free RNA from cultured cells, tissue samples, buccal cells, buffy coat, plasma, serum, and other biological liquids.

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