DNA/RNA Shield Fecal Collection Tube


DNA/RNA Shield Fecal Collection Tube


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DNA/RNA transport medium for stool samples


DNA/RNA Shield Fecal Collection tubes are designed for the collection and preservation of nucleic acids from stool specimens. These stool collection tubes take a microbial snapshot of a sample while inactivating viruses making samples safe and ready for transport. Samples stored in the these stool collection tubes are stable at ambient temperature, and can be frozen for longer-term storage. Simply collect a spoonful of the specimen into the stool collection tubes prefilled with preservative and shake vigorously to ensure proper stabilization.

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Technical Specifications

Applicable For Next-Generation Sequencing, qPCR, microarray
Device Specs 20 x 76 mm screw cap tube prefilled with DNA/RNA Shield (9mL). Spoon attached to screwcap.
Device Storage RNA: Ambient temperature (4°C-25°C) > 1 month
DNA: Ambient temperature (4°C-25°C) > 2 years
DNA & RNA: Frozen (< -20°C): Indefinitely
Sample Collection 1g or 1mL stool sample
Sample Source Stool, soil, environmental samples

Product FAQ

Q1: A white precipitate occurred after thawing frozen samples stored in DNA/RNA Shield, is this normal?

Q2: Do I need to homogenize the sample in DNA/RNA Shield prior to storage?

Q3: How to collect solid tissues in DNA/RNA Shield?

Q4: Can I FACS sort directly into DNA/RNA Shield?

Q5: How long can samples be stored frozen in DNA/RNA Shield?

Q6: How long can samples be stored samples in DNA/RNA Shield at ambient temperature?

Q7: What sample types is DNA/RNA Shield suitable for?

Q8: Can DNA/RNA Shield be used on extracted DNA and/or RNA?

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Researchers compared the effects of storage conditions on the microbial composition of a sample. Samples stored in DNA/RNA Shield had overall a bacterial composition similar to frozen samples, while samples stored in RNALater showed bias for certain microbes.

Bundgaard-Nielsen, Caspar, Søren Hagstrøm, and Suzette Sørensen. "Interpersonal Variations in Gut Microbiota Profiles Supersedes the Effects of Differing Fecal Storage Conditions." Scientific reports 8.1 (2018): 17367.

Researchers developed a flexible automated pipeline to process clinically relevant sample-types (biopsies, fecal, vaginal samples, etc.). In comparing many different collection methodologies, including RNALater and AllProtect, they found that DNA/RNA Shield was the best due to its flexibility in sample types that can be stored in the reagent, as well as its compatibility with many downstream processing workflows.

Hugerth, Luisa W., et al. "A comprehensive automated pipeline for human microbiome sampling, 16S rRNA gene sequencing and bioinformatics processing." bioRxiv (2018): 286526.

DNA/RNA Shield was compared to RNALater for small RNA sequencing analysis of miRNA in fecal occults. Researchers showed that miRNA markers in samples stored in DNA/RNA Shield were detectable over a 14 day period at room temperature, whereas unprotected or sampled stored in RNALater showed a drop in detection of miRNA over time.

Wu, Chung Wah, et al. "Novel approach to fecal occult blood testing by assay of erythrocyte-specific MicroRNA markers." Digestive diseases and sciences 62.8 (2017): 1985-1994.

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“I’m a Zymo fan! DNA/RNA Shield is a great product. It works great on my precious samples. I trust Zymo Research products and they have great tech support!!”

- Laura T. (USDA)

“We use DNA/RNA shield and it works well with adults mosquitoes, larvae, eggs. We store it at RT for weeks and at -4°C or -20°C for months, never saw any DNA degradation.”

- Umberto P. (University of Pavia)

“I did an assay using RNA/DNA shield and it works perfect. The product have excellent reproducibility when stored at 4°C for up to a month.”

- Maha AE. (University of Florida)

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