DNA Sequencing Clean-up Kits

The ZR DNA & ZR-96 DNA Sequencing Clean-Up Kits™ provide simple and rapid (2 & 10 minute) methods for removal of post-cycle sequencing reaction contaminants (i.e., unincorporated fluorescent dyes, residual salts, dNTPs, primers, and enzymes) from DNA extension products. These contaminants can often interfere with the quality and signal strength of sequencing data, including dye peaks or "dye blobs" which may obscure portions of the sequencing chromatogram and interfere with base-calling accuracy of sequencing analysis software. DNA is eluted with a small volume of water or loading dye containing formamide.

Comparison Table

ProductCatalog #FormatElution Volume
ZR DNA Sequencing Clean-UpD4050Spin-Column≥ 6 µl
ZR-96 DNA Sequencing Clean-UpD405296-Well Plate≥ 15 µl

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