ZR-96 Oligo Clean & Concentrator

D4062 / D4063

ZR-96 Oligo Clean & Concentrator

Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
D4062 ZR-96 Oligo Clean & Concentrator (96-Well Plate) 2 x 96 Preps $236.50
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D4063 ZR-96 Oligo Clean & Concentrator (96-Well Plate) 4 x 96 Preps $465.30
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  • Fast & Simple: Clean and concentrate DNA and RNA oligonucleotides in 2 minutes.
  • Ultra-Pure: Ready for hybridization, Next-Gen Sequencing, PCR, ligations, etc.
  • Complete removal: Eliminate dyes, salts, enzymes, nucleotides, and short oligos.

The Oligo Clean & Concentrator provides a streamlined method for efficient recovery and clean-up of DNA/RNA fragments and oligonucletides ≥ 16 nt from labeling (radioactive, biotin, DIG, etc.) and other enzymatic reactions. Unincorporated nucleotides, short oligos, dyes, enzymes, and salts are effectively removed by the clean-up procedure. DNA/RNA is washed and concentrated into a small volume of water. Purified DNA/RNA, available in just 2 minutes, is suitable for hybridization, gel shift assays, enzymatic reactions, ligation, sequencing, microarray analysis, etc.

Applicable For Single-stranded and double-stranded DNA and RNA
Elution Volume ≥ 10 µl
Equipment Centrifuge with microplate carriers
Purity A260/A280 > 1.8, A260/A230 > 1.8
Sample Source Enzymatic reaction mixtures containing oligonucleotides ≥ 16 nt (radioactive-, biotin-, DIG-labeled, etc.)
Size Range For oligonucleotides ≥ 16 nt, up to 23 kb
Yield 10 µg of ssDNA/RNA or 5 µg of dsDNA with a typical recovery > 90%

Cat # Name Size Price
D4003-2-48 DNA Wash Buffer (Concentrate) 48 ml $66.00
D4003-2-24 DNA Wash Buffer (Concentrate) 24 ml $36.30
D4060-1-40 Oligo Binding Buffer 40 ml $74.80
D4060-1-10 Oligo Binding Buffer 10 ml $35.20
C2002 Collection Plate 2 Plates $24.20
C2003 Elution Plate 2 Plates $20.90
C2004 Zymo-Spin I-96 Plate 2 Plates $156.20
C2007-4 96-Well Plate Cover Foil 4 Foils $10.00
C2007-2 96-Well Plate Cover Foil 2 Foils $10.00