Quick-DNA Fecal/Soil Microbe Kits

The Quick-DNA Fecal/Soil Microbe Kits are designed for the simple and rapid isolation of inhibitor-free, PCR-quality host cell and microbial DNA from a variety of sample sources including humans, birds, rats, mice, cattle, etc. The procedure is easy and can be completed in minutes: fecal samples are rapidly and efficiently lysed by bead beating with our state of the art, ultra-high density BashingBeads. Zymo-Spin and Zymo MagBinding Bead technologies are then used to isolate the DNA. The kits feature our Inhibitor Removal technology, which removes humic acids/polyphenols that can inhibit PCR. Eluted DNA is ideal for downstream molecular-based applications including PCR, arrays, genotyping, methylation detection, etc.

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