Quick-DNA Viral Kit

D3015 / D3016

Quick-DNA Viral Kit

Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
D3015 Quick-DNA Viral Kit 50 Preps $169.40
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D3016 Quick-DNA Viral Kit 200 Preps $570.90
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  • Quick recovery of viral DNA from a wide range of sources using Zymo-Spin column technology.
  • Column design allows DNA to be eluted at high concentrations into minimal volumes.
  • Eluted DNA is suitable for PCR, Southern blotting, and restriction endonuclease digestion.

The Quick-DNA Viral Kits are viral DNA purification kits that provide for the rapid isolation of high-quality viral DNA from a wide range of biological sources. A uniquely designed buffer is included for the efficient denaturation of viral particles in whole blood (fresh and stored), plasma, serum, tissue, ascites, cultured cells, and from liquid samples. DNA can be eluted with elution buffer or water and is suitable for subsequent PCR, nucleotide blotting, and restriction endonuclease digestion procedures.

Applicable For All sensitive downstream applications such as qPCR and Next-Generation sequencing.
Equipment Microcentrifuge, vortex
Processing Volume ≤ 200 µl Biological Fluids or ≤ 200 µl cells at a concentration of ≤ 105 cells/ml
Purity Typical A260/A280 ≥ 1.8
Sample Source Whole blood (fresh and stored), plasma, serum, tissue, ascites, cultured cells, and liquid samples.
Sample Storage Eluted DNA should be stored at ≤ -20°C.
Size Range 100 bp - 50 kb
Supplemental Info
Type Total DNA
Yield Up to 5 µg total DNA can be eluted into ≥ 6 µl

No, the Quick-DNA Viral Kit will isolate total DNA from the sample including host genomic DNA and viral DNA.

Cat # Name Size Price
D3004-4-10 DNA Elution Buffer 10 ml $15.40
D3004-4-4 DNA Elution Buffer 4 ml $11.00
D3015-1-50 ZR Viral DNA Buffer 50 ml $86.90
D3016-1-100 ZR Viral DNA Buffer 100 ml $163.90
D4003-2-24 DNA Wash Buffer (Concentrate) 24 ml $36.30
D4003-2-6 DNA Wash Buffer (Concentrate) 6 ml $11.00
C1004-50 Zymo-Spin IC Columns 50 Pack $58.30
C1001-50 Collection Tubes 50 Pack $16.50