Zyppy Plasmid Kits

The Zyppy Plasmid Kits are plasmid DNA kits that feature a pellet-free modified alkaline lysis method that bypasses bacterial culture centrifugation and resuspension steps common to classical plasmid preparation procedures. Simply add the uniquely formulated 7X Lysis Buffer directly to your bacterial culture, neutralize, and then purify using the provided Zymo-Spin column technology included in these plasmid DNA kits.

Additionally, these plasmid DNA kits include innovative colored buffers for error-free visualization and identification of complete bacterial cell lysis and neutralization. These plasmid DNA kits are the fastest and easiest method available to separate plasmid DNA from E. Coli efficiently. The plasmid DNA from these plasmid DNA kits is of the highest quality, endotoxin-free, and is well suited for use in transfection, bacterial transformation, restriction endonuclease digestion, DNA ligation, PCR, transcription, sequencing, and other sensitive downstream applications.

Comparison Table

Catalog #ProductBinding CapacityElution VolumeFormatCulture InputEndotoxin Levels
D4036Zyppy Plasmid Miniprep25 µg≥ 30 µlSpin-ColumnE. coli Culture≤50 EU/ µg
D4041Zyppy-96 Plasmid Miniprep5 µg≥ 30 µl96-Well PlateE. coli Culture≤50 EU/ µg
D4100Zyppy-96 Plasmid MagBead Miniprep5 µg≥ 30 µlMagnetic BeadsE. coli Culture≤50 EU/ µg

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