ChIP Kits

ChIP kits and ChIP clean up kits with easy, streamlined procedures for chromatin analysis. Try a ChIP kit from Zymo Research today.

ChIP Kits Overview

Chromatin analysis is a growing field that analyzes the interactions between proteins and DNA. It has been a staple in epigenetics for decades and continues to provide a crucial glimpse into cellular processes and disease states. A wide range of techniques are employed to study histone modifications, nucleosome positions, transcription factors, DNA regulatory proteins, and chromatin structure. However, chromatin immunoprecipitation continues to be the prevailing method for studying protein-DNA interactions and investigating epigenetic modifications.

Due to this, Zymo Research has a complete portfolio of products to perform chromatin analysis, including several chromatin immunoprecipitation ChIP kits. These ChIP kits are designed to streamline the purification protocol while providing high-quality ChIP DNA. The resultant eluate from these ChIP kits is NGS-ready and suitable for ChIP-Seq, ChIP-qPCR, arrays, and any other sensitive molecular applications.

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