Streamlined HMW DNA Purification for Long-Read Sequencing

Get up to 150 kb DNA from any sample in 45 minutes

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HMW DNA From Any Sample

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Get high molecular weight (HMW) DNA up to 150 kb from any sample. Whether it’s cells and tissue or tough-to-lyse bacteria, the Quick-DNA HMW MagBead Kit delivers extremely long genomic DNA ideal for any downstream sequencing platform.

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High Molecular Weight DNA From Any Sample Type. 10^6 Mammalian HeLa cells, 25 mg mouse muscle, brain, and liver, 200 μl human blood, 200 μl mouse blood, 200 μl human saliva, and buccal swabs stored in DNA/RNA Shield (R1100) were extracted using the Quick-DNA HMW MagBead Kit (n=2). DNA is of high molecular weight size (>60 kb). Quality was assessed using Agilent 2200 TapeStation®.

High Molecular Weight Bacterial DNA Without Bead-Beating

The secret to easy sequencing analysis? Long DNA. Start your sequencing runs with the longest DNA and see the difference in your sequencing reads. As they say, bigger is better!

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High Molecular Weight Bacterial DNA Without Mechanical Homogenization. Cultured E. coli (10^8 cells), Cultured L. monocytogenes (10^8 cells), 50 mg feces, and 75 μl ZymoBIOMICS Microbial Community Standard (D6300) were input into the Quick-DNA HMW MagBead kit (n=2). Length of the highest detected peak were recorded and averaged for each sample. DNA size was analyzed using Agilent’s Femto Pulse system.

Ultra-Pure DNA the First Time

Get unrivaled purity from each prep. DNA is ready for any sensitive downstream application.

DNA Yield

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260/230 Ratios

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260/280 Ratios

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Ultra-Pure. 200 μl human blood, 50 mg feces, 25 mg mouse gut, and 75 μl ZymoBIOMICS® Microbial Community Standard (D6300) were input into the Quick-DNA™ HMW MagBead and Supplier Q kits (n=2). Zymo Research consistently had higher purities (A260/230: >1.8) and comparable DNA recovery (μg). Absorbance A260/230, and total DNA recovery (μg) were quantified by NanoDrop™ 2000.

Validated for Long Read Sequencing

HMW nanopore
HMW pacbio

Assemble complete genomes and sequence longer reads easier than ever before.

The Quick-DNA HMW MagBead Kit is validated for all third-generation sequencing
platforms including Oxford Nanopore and PacBio SMRT Sequencing.

Comparison Table

Zymo Research
Supplier Q
Total Time
45 minutes
70 minutes
Elution Volume
50 µl
100 µl
One Protocol
No, 4 protocols
Compatible with all sample types
Validated for Long Read Sequencing

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