Quick-DNA HMW MagBead Kit


Quick-DNA HMW MagBead Kit


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D6060 Quick-DNA HMW MagBead Kit 96 Preps $259.00
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<i>Quick</i>-DNA HMW MagBead Kit


  • High Molecular Weight DNA: Extract high molecular weight DNA up to 150 kb from any sample.
  • Ultra-Pure: Highest DNA yield and purity equipped with RNA removal technology.
  • Third-Generation Sequencing Ready: Optimized for long read sequencing (including Oxford Nanopore™ and PacBio SMRT™ sequencing).


The Quick-DNA HMW Magbead Kit is the easiest method to purify high molecular weight DNA from any sample (including biological fluids, cells, solid tissue, and environmental samples). The purified HMW DNA is ideal for long read sequencing and immediately ready for third-generation sequencing platforms such as Nanopore and PacBio SMRT Sequencing. With a unique binding system, the Quick-DNA HMW Magbead kit delivers ultra-pure and concentrated genomic DNA up to 150 kb.

Technical Specifications

DNA Purity High quality DNA is ready for all sensitive downstream applications such as long read sequencing, PCR, endonuclease digestion, Southern blotting, genotyping, Next-Generation Sequencing, bisulfite conversion, etc. (A260/A230 ≥ 1.8).
DNA Size Capable of recovering genomic and mitochondrial DNA sized fragments up to 150 kb. If present, plasmid, parasitic, microbial, and viral DNA will also be recovered.
DNA Yield The DNA binding capacity is 10 µg per 50 µl MagBinding Beads used.
Elution Volume 100 µl DNA Elution Buffer per 50 µl MagBinding Beads.
Equipment Magnetic rack, shaker and/or rotator, and microcentrifuge (optional)
Sample Types Any cells, solid tissue, whole blood, saliva, biological fluids, buccal, swabs, stool, microbiome samples, samples stored in DNA/RNA Shield, etc.

Product FAQ

Q1: What is the typical length of DNA extracted using this kit?

Q2: Has this kit been validated with Nanopore or PacBio SMRT sequencing?

Q3: I need more than 10 µg of HMW DNA for my downstream application. Is there any way I can increase my yield?


“The kit was very user friendly and easy to use. I was very satisfied with the results and the size fragments that the kit yielded.”

- D. K. (BASF)

“Great results in terms of yield and integrity of HMW DNA”

- M.P. (U of Louisville)

“The yield is good and the size of the extracted DNA is really high.”

- M. M. (UCLA)

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