Human Epigenetic Age Analysis

Precisely Quantify Epigenetic Age with Human DNAge Services

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Compatible with Blood & Urine Samples

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Accommodates Limited, Precious Inputs

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Highly Reproducible

Performance with Blood Samples

Blood DNAge performance showing the correlation between DNAge and Chronological Age
  • Age-Correlated
  • DNAge is highly correlated with chronological age in a general population. Therefore, DNAge can accurately predict biological age.
  • Accommodates Low Inputs
  • Reliable epigenetic age prediction using as little as 250 ng DNA human dnage reports.
  • Highly Reproducible
  • Blood DNAge is highly reproducible with a median SD <1 year in technical replicates.

Performance with Urine Samples

Urine DNAge of female clock showing correlation between DNAge and Chronological Age Urine DNAge of male clock showing correlation between DNAge and Chronological Age
  • The Only Urine DNAge Service
  • Urine dnage is a non-invasive assay reflecting urinary tract health human dnage gender.
  • Gender-Specific
  • A gender-specific algorithm is used to enhance the accuracy of Urine DNAge platform.
  • Highly Reproducible
  • Urine DNAge is highly reproducible with a median SD of 2 years in technical replicates.

Potential Applications

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Cited in Major Publications

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SWARM Technology

The Human DNAge platform utilizes the “Simplified Whole-panel Amplification Reaction Method” (SWARM®), a robust targeted bisulfite sequencing approach which helps deliver reproducible high-throughput methylation data.
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Publication-Ready Data in One Simple Report

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Simple, Customizable Pipeline

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