Registered or registration-pending trademarks of Zymo Research:

DNA Purification Made Simple®, DNAge®, DNA Clean & Concentrator®, DCC®, EpiBeat®, EZ DNA Methylation-Gold®, EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Gold®, EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning®, Methyl-MiniSeq®, Methyl-MidiSeq®, Methyl-MaxiSeq®, Peanuts®, Pinpoint®, RNA Purification Made Simple®, RiboFree®, Zyppy®

Other Trademarks

BashingBead, Bisulfite DNA Clean-up Kit, Bladder CARE, CARE, ChIP DNA Clean & Concentrator, DNA Degradase, DNA Degradase Plus, dsDNA Shearase, DNA-free RNA Kit, Dual Media Set, Environ, EZ DNA Methylation, EZ-96 DNA Methylation, EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Direct, EZ DNA Methylation-Startup, EZ, EZ-96, Frozen EZ Yeast Transformation II Kit, His-Spin Protein Miniprep, Host Zero, Innovation. Pure & Simple., Methylcheck, MiPet, myDNAge, Mix & Go!, Oligo Clean & Concentrator, OneStep , OneStep-96, Rattler, DNA/RNA Shield, Zymoclean, ZR Plasmid Miniprep, Zymoprep, Quick, Quick-DNA, Quick-RNA, Quick-gDNA, Quick-16S, RNA Clean & Concentrator, RNA MicroPrep, RCC, Select-a-Size (DNA Clean & Concentrator), SWARM, The Epigenetics Company, UCB, Urine Conditioning Buffer, VirSieve, XJ Autolysis, YeaStar, YPD Plus, ZR & ZR-96 Genomic DNA, ZymoBead, ZR DNA Markers, ZR-Duet, ZR Fungal/Bacterial DNA Microprep, ZR Fungal/Bacterial Miniprep, ZR-96 Fungal/Bacterial DNA Microprep, ZR-96 Fungal/Bacterial DNA Miniprep, ZR Serum DNA Kit, ZR Urine DNA Isolation Kit, ZR Viral DNA Kit, ZR-96 Viral DNA Kit, ZR Sequencing Clean-up Kit, ZR-96 Sequencing Clean-up Kit, ZR Soil Microbe DNA Microprep, ZR Soil Microbe DNA Miniprep, ZR-96 Soil Microbe DNA Microprep, ZR-96 Soil Microbe DNA Miniprep Kit, ZR Soil Microbe DNA Midiprep Kit, ZR Fecal DNA Microprep, ZR Fecal DNA Miniprep, ZR Fecal DNA Midiprep, ZR-96 Fecal DNA Miniprep, ZR Tissue & Insect DNA Microprep, ZR Tissue & Insect DNA Miniprep, ZR-96 Tissue & Insect DNA Miniprep, ZR Plant/Seed DNA Microprep Kit, ZR Plant/Seed Miniprep Kit, ZR-96 Plant/Seed DNA Miniprep, ZR Viral DNA/RNA Miniprep Kit, ZR-96 Viral DNA/RNA Kit, ZR small-RNA, ZR RNA Microprep, ZR RNA Miniprep, ZR Viral RNA Kit, ZR-96 Viral RNA Kit, ZR Wole-Blood RNA, ZR-96 Whole-Blood RNA, ZR Urine, ZR Soil/Fecal RNA MicroPrep, ZR Fungal/Bacterial RNA Micro- MiniPrep, ZR Tissue & Insect, ZR Plant RNA MiniPrep, Z-Competent, ZymoBroth, ZymoPURE, ZymoPURE II , ZymoPURE-Express, Zymo-Spin, Zymo-Midi Filter, Zymo-Maxi Filter, ZRC-GF Filter, Silicon-A, ZR & ZR-96 BashingBead, Squisher, Terralyzer, Zymobiomics, ZymoTaq

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