Build Confidence in your Microbiome Data

With the ZymoBIOMICS Fecal Reference with TRUMatrix™ Technology

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Combining The BioCollective’s reference material with Zymo Research’s unrivaled stabilization technology, the ZymoBIOMICS Fecal Reference with TruMatrix™ Technology enables the confidence to perform gut microbiome study comparisons across different time points, labs, and methods.

Unprecedented Data Consistency

a golbe with the locations pinpointed on it.
Ensure data consistency across different facilities
an hour glass with two arrows forming a circle
Measure data consistency over time
two figures representing people with talking bubbles, in which one contains a check mark
Determine cross-compatibility of study data

2 Million Uniform Preps for a Consistent Point of Reference

figure of truMatrix fecal labeled 200 bottles multiplied by 1000 vials with an image of a vial above and the multiplied by 10 uses per vial which equals 2 million possibilites
Manufactured from a single well-homogenized fecal collection, 2 million uniform preps can support studies for years to come.

High Microbial Diversity

a 2 ring pie chart: the outter ring is of phyla and the inside ring is of genus.
The fecal reference contains hundreds of microbial species including bacteria, fungi, and archaea, replicating the diversity of real stool.

Unrivaled Stability

a bar graph comparing 6 runs
The microbial profile of the fecal reference is protected from degradation and changes, guaranteeing a consistent reference point for your data. Six shotgun sequencing runs were performed revealing consistent and stable microbial profiles.

To facilitate increased accuracy of microbiome measurements and improve data reproducibility across labs, this product was developed to act as a single point of reference. In order to build a publicly available reference database, experts in the field are currently working together to characterize the fecal reference using various microbiome measurements. A platform for users to anonymously share, download, and compare characterization results against different applied methodologies is also in development.

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