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    96 Elution Plate (V-Bottom, 200 µL)

    C1030 / C1030-50

    96 Elution Plate (V-Bottom, 200 µL)

    Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
    C1030 96 Elution Plate (V-Bottom - 200 µL) 2 plates $9.00
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    C1030-50 96 Elution Plate (V-Bottom - 200 µL) 50 plates $200.00
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    • Suitable for Centrifugation or Automated High-Throughput Nucleic Acid Purification Workflows.
    • Compatible with all KingFisher Purification Systems.
    • Durable Polypropylene Construction.

    The 96 Elution Plate can be used in centrifuges or liquid handlers and magnetic bead movers for the high-throughput purification of DNA and/or RNA. The dimensions of the plate conform to SBS standards, and the unique V-bottom shape of the wells make it compatible with popular bead moving instruments such as the KingFisher Flex, KingFisher Apex, KingFisher Duo Prime, and KingFisher Presto. The 96 Elution Plate features durable, clear polypropylene construction and a capacity of 0.2 mL.

    Capacity 200 µL
    Compatible Instruments KingFisher Flex™, KingFisher Apex™, KingFisher Duo Prime™, and KingFisher Presto™
    Dimensions (H x W x L) 15.00mm x 85.20 mm x 127.20 mm
    Material Polypropylene

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