Dual Media Set


Dual Media Set


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M3011 Dual Media Set 100 ml EB & 500 ml OB $43.00
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Simple, reliable method for high level recombinant protein expression in E. coli.


  • Consistent: Reliable method for high level recombinant protein expression in E. coli.
  • Simple: Inoculate bacteria into EB medium for cell expansion, add OB medium for protein over-expression.
  • Easy: Eliminates the need to monitor culture density and optimization of induction.


Although recombinant protein expression in E. coli has become all but routine, high level protein expression or over-expression is not always consistent and repeatable for every protein. Our research at Zymo Research Corp. has shown that high level protein expression can be achieved consistently when two processes - cell expansion and protein expression - are completely separated. The Dual Media Set, different from commonly used protein expression procedures using Luria Broth (LB) or other specially prepared medium, contains two media, EXPANSION BROTH (EB) and OVEREXPRESSION BROTH (OB). For cell expansion, E. coli cells are grown in EB, while the production of the recombinant protein is almost completely repressed. For high level protein expression, the expanded cell culture is simply added into OB media. By using the Dual Media Set system, protein overexpression can be reliably controlled for many proteins.

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Product FAQ

Q1: What underlying mechanism ensures that the Dual Media Set™ works so reliably for protein overexpression?

Q2: What are the ingredients of EB™ and OB™ ?

Q3: Can I replace EB™ or OB™ with my home made media?

Q4: Can I use OB™ without the initial cell expansion in EB™ ?

Q5: I have always used IPTG to induce protein expression in the T7 system, why not now? Will I get less protein if I don’t use IPTG in such case?

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