Femto Fungal DNA Quantification Kit


Femto Fungal DNA Quantification Kit

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E2007 Femto Fungal DNA Quantification Kit Fungal $209.00
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Highly sensitive quantification of human, bacterial, or fungal DNA


  • Quantify as little 20 femtograms of fungal DNA in as little as 1 µl of sample.
  • High specificity and sensitivity for fungal DNA in a background of non-target DNA.
  • Fast and simple: add samples to the PreMix... and quantify.

The Femto Fungal DNA Quantification Kit can be used to detect and quantify fungal DNA with high specificity and sensitivity. Fungal DNA can be reliably quantified in a background of non-fungal DNA such as bacterial, animal, and plant DNA, etc. This is essential for downstream applications that require accurate fungal DNA input including Next-Gen sequencing and metagenomic analysis. With the Femto Fungal DNA Quantification Kit, one can dependably quantify as little as 20 fg of fungal DNA in 1 µl purified biological liquids, fungal cultures, or environmental DNA samples.

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