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    Load N’ Go Quick-DNA/RNA HT Kit


    Load N’ Go Quick-DNA/RNA HT Kit

    Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
    R2152 Load N’ Go Quick-DNA/RNA HT Kit 96 preps $499.20
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    • Save Time and Focus on Discovery: Pre-filled 96-well reagent plate technology that offers multi-platform compatibility and reduces hands-on time by 75%.
    • Versatile Nucleic Acid Extraction for Various Samples: Purify high-quality DNA easily and reliably from any biological fluid, cultured/monolayer cells, or tissue sample.
    • Precision Meets Versatility: The Zymo magbead purification system ensures DNA and RNA is ready for all sensitive downstream applications such as qPCR, DNA-sequencing, arrays, and methylation analysis.

    The Load N' Go Quick-DNA/RNA HT kit offers a streamlined solution for high-throughput nucleic acid extraction from a variety of biological and clinical samples, such as swabs, biological liquids, and tissues. Compatible with robotic sample processors, this kit ensures the efficient isolation of high-quality DNA and RNA, making it suitable for sensitive downstream applications, including Next-Gen sequencing and RT/qPCR, ultimately enhancing the precision and reliability of scientific research.

    Binding Capacity 5 µg DNA/RNA per 10 µl MagBinding Beads
    Elution Volume ≥ 15 µl DNase/RNase-Free Water
    Purity DNA/RNA is ready for Next-Gen Sequencing, RT/qPCR, etc.
    Sample Sources Any biological sample (e.g., swabs, liquids, cells, tissue, etc.), and samples collected/stored in media (e.g., UTM, VTM, saline, PBS, DNA/RNA Shield, PAXgene, RNAlater, RNAProtect, etc.)
    Storage Temperature and Stability
    • Store all components (i.e., buffers/reagents, columns) at room temperature (20-30°C).
    • Eluted DNA/RNA can be used immediately or stored frozen (-20/-80°C).

    Yes, the Load N' Go Quick-DNA/RNA HT kit is compatible with various laboratory automation platforms. Its design facilitates seamless integration into high-throughput workflows, catering to both manual and automated processing. While the kit is generally compatible with most platforms, it is recommended to consult with the automation team from Zymo Research for appropriate scripts and scripting support. You can contact them at to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with your chosen laboratory automation system.

    This can happen on occasion due to transport or storage at lower temperatures. The reagent functionality is not affected; however, the precipitate can be resolved by heating the reagent to >37 °C.

    Virus detection is one of the dominant applications for this kit. Other dominant applications include infectious disease, microbiomics, cancer research, and more.

    Yes, there are no restrictions to this kit on veterinary samples.

    No. This kit extracts total nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) together in the same fraction.

    Total nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) extracted can be directly used for any DNA application. For RNA applications, include DNase I treatment if it is necessary to the downstream analysis.

    Yes, it is recommended to remove RNAlater prior to processing. However, when removal is not possible, the input should be diluted. For example, use 50 µl of input per prep and add 750 µl of DNA/RNA Buffer HT at step 1 under (III) DNA/RNA Purification on page 7 in the instruction manual.

    If the input is in TRIzol or TRI-Reagent, it is recommended to add chloroform and process the sample to produce the aqueous phase. Carefully, transfer the aqueous phase into a new tube and process with the kit (see sample preparation). To process input in TRIzol or TRI-Reagent directly, it is recommended to use the Direct-zol-96 MagBead RNA kit (R2100, R2101, R2102, R2103).

    For unbiased bacterial detection, proper homogenization with the ZR BashingBead Lysis Tubes (S6012-50) is recommended before continuing to nucleic acid extraction with the kit.

    This kit can be directly used with all robotic-type sample processors (i.e., bead movers) for nucleic acid extraction from clinical samples. Detailed specifications and steps can vary based on sample type and automation platform used. For automation scripts and related technical support, please email for free consultation.

    Compatible automated machines include, but are not limited to:

    • Allsheng Autopure 
    • Accuris Isopure 96
    • Kingfisher Flex
    • Kingfisher Apex
    • Tecan Fluent
    • Hamilton Microlab Star
    • Opentrons OT-2

    Additionally, the kit is also compatible with 8-16 prep platforms, such as:

    • KingFisher Duo/Duo Prime
    • IsoPure Mini

    Please note that only the standard format (R2150, R2150-E, R2151, R2151-E) of this kit is compatible with these smaller platforms, as the Load N’ Go format (R2152) is only compatible with 96-prep format platforms.

    We can conduct proof-of-principle testing to validate the kit’s chemistry on any platform we have in-house. If we do not have the preferred platform at our disposal, we can send a free kit for the purpose of workflow validation and provide support with scripting and troubleshooting as needed at no cost.

    No other kit currently on the market can match the capability of this assay in a pre-filled format. Generally, it takes 45-50 minutes to perform the assay, depending on the platform.

    Currently, no. The Omega Bio-tek kit on the market does not match the capability of this assay in a pre-filled format to make a direct comparison. From our testings, there is no significant difference in yield between the Load N’ Go format or our standard format for this assay. Yield will vary depending on sample type and condition of the specific sample.

    Yes. The delivery of the layout information will vary depending on the platform, and usually the user will be prompted by their platform to place the plates in a specific order/layout. If a platform does not directly prompt the user, we will provide supplemental materials detailing the layout.

    Cat # Name Size Price
    R2150-1-100 DNA/RNA Buffer HT 100 mL $179.30
    D3001-2-60 Proteinase K w/ Storage Buffer Set 60 mg $149.60
    C2019 96 Tip Combs (For V-Bottom Deep Well Plate) 2 Combs $14.00
    R1200-125 DNA/RNA Shield (2X Concentrate) 125 ml $248.20

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