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    PureRec RNase A (Recombinant)

    E1019T / E1019-5 / E1019-20

    PureRec RNase A (Recombinant)

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    E1019T PureRec RNase A (Recombinant) 0.1 mg $58.00
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    E1019-5 PureRec RNase A (Recombinant) 5 mg $175.00
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    E1019-20 PureRec RNase A (Recombinant) 20 mg $380.00
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    • Novel, tag-free & animal-free recombinant production, made in USA.
    • High purity: DNase-free and Protease-free.
    • Bulk and custom size orders available.

    RNase A is a very active endoribonuclease that digests RNA in a wide range of buffer conditions and temperatures. PureRec RNase A is a recombinant RNase A, overexpressed and extensively purified from a prokaryotic host. It is extremely active, free of DNase and guaranteed animal-free. It is ready to use, supplied at 1mg/ml concentration.

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    • Remove RNA from genomic DNA, DNA fragment and plasmid samples for various downstream applications such as molecular cloning, PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)
    • Remove RNA from protein samples
    • RNA sequence analysis and ribonuclease protection assays

    Unlike bovine RNase A harvested and extracted from the animal’s pancreas, PureRec RNase A is produced from a prokaryotic strain using modern fermentation and purification technologies. The more sustainable production process guarantees the enzyme with more consistent quality and free of animal derived contaminations.

    PureRec RNase A is free of DNase contamination. Boiling RNase A is not necessary and may cause precipitation and possible loss of enzymatic activity.

    Yes, we can customize your order request to meet your specific requirements. For bulk ordering, please click “Volume Order Inquiry”.

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