Quest 5-hmC DNA ELISA Kit

D5425 / D5426

Quest 5-hmC DNA ELISA Kit

D5425 / D5426

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Quest 5-hmC DNA ELISA Kit


  • Sensitive and specific detection of 5-hydroxymethlycytosine (5-hmC) from a variety of samples
  • Ideal for global 5-hmC quantitation and high throughput screening
  • Streamlined workflow can be completed in 3 hrs


The Quest 5-hmC DNA ELISA Kit is both sensitive and specific and can be used to accurately detect 5-hmC DNA in a variety of samples. The kit is compatible with a wide range of input DNA including intact vertebrate, plant, and microbial genomic DNA, as well as enzyme-digested and mechanically sheared fragments. The Control DNA Set included with this kit has been calibrated to accurately quantify the percent 5-hmC in sample DNA by use of a standard curve. Also, the fast, streamlined workflow is ideal when analyzing/screening large numbers of samples.

Technical Specifications

Detection ≥ 0.02% 5-hmC per 100 ng DNA
Equipment Incubator and ELISA plate reader. A multi-channel pipettor is recommended. An automated plate washer may be used for blocking and wash steps.
Input This protocol is optimized for 100 ng of input DNA/well. Compatible with DNA in the range of 20-200 ng/well.
Sample Source Purified genomic DNA in water, Tris-EDTA, or similar.

Product FAQ

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Researchers at the University of Birmingham used the Quest 5-hmC DNA ELISA kit to quantify global levels of 5-hmC in both normal and tumor tissue to determine the role of 5-hmC in renal cell carcinoma.

Shim et al. 2014. L-2-Hydroxglutarate: An epigenetic modifier and putative oncometabolite in renal cancer. Cancer Discovery, available online September 2nd: DOI: 10.1158/2159-8290.

The DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation levels were determined in a number of blood samples taken from healthy men free of cardiovascular disease who participated in a study that sought to characterize metabolic abnormalities and subclinical atherosclerosis.

Tellez-Plaza M, Tang WY, Shang Y, Umans JG, Francesconi KA, Goessler W, Ledesma M, Leon M, Laclaustra M, Pollak J, Guallar E, Cole SA, Fallin MD, Navas-Acien A. 2014. Association of Global DNA Methylation and Global DNA Hydroxymethylation with Metals and o

The authors showed that exposure to house-dust mites (HDM) decreased global percentage of 5-mC but increased the percentage of 5-hmC detected in the lungs of mice compared to saline treated control group.

Cheng RY, Shang Y, Limjunyawong N, Dao T, Das S, Rabold R, Sham JS, Mitzner W, Tang WY. 2014. Alternation of the Lung Methylome in Allergic Airway Hyper-Responsiveness. Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis 55:244-255.

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