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    Quick-DNA Magbead Plus Kit

    D4081 / D4082

    Quick-DNA Magbead Plus Kit

    Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
    D4081 Quick-DNA Magbead Plus Kit 1 x 96 Preps $307.00
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    D4082 Quick-DNA Magbead Plus Kit 4 x 96 Preps $1,111.50
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    • Purify high-quality DNA easily and reliably from any biological fluid, cultured/monolayer cells, or tissue sample.
    • The Zymo magbead purification system ensures DNA is ready for all sensitive downstream applications such as qPCR, DNA-sequencing, arrays, and methylation analysis.
    • The automation friendly workflow enables biological fluids, cultured/monolayer cells, or solid tissues to be processed in as little as 60 minutes for 96 preps.

    The Quick-DNA Magbead Plus DNA Kit is the easiest method for high throughput total DNA extraction (e.g., genomic, mitochondrial, viral) from any biological fluid, cell culture, or solid tissue sample. Innovative reagents and Zymo’s unique system allows for a simple Bind, Wash, & Elute procedure that is unmatched in providing ultra-pure and concentrated genomic DNA (up to 150kb) in as little as 60 minutes for 96 samples. Purified DNA is ready for quantification or applications like library preparations. Isolated DNA is suitable for immediate use in sensitive downstream applications including qPCR, DNA-seq, arrays, and methylation analysis.

    For automation scripts and support, email

    Elution Volume 50 µl DNA Elution Buffer per 33 µl MagBinding Beads
    Equipment Magnetic rack, shaker and/or rotator, automated liquid handler (optional)
    Purity High quality DNA is ready for all sensitive downstream applications such as long read sequencing, PCR, endonuclease digestion, Southern blotting, genotyping, Next-Generation Sequencing, bisulfite conversion, etc. (A260/A230 ≥ 1.8).
    Size Range Capable of recovering genomic and mitochondrial DNA sized fragments up to 150kb. If present, parasitic, microbial, and viral DNA will also be recovered.
    Supplemental Info
    Workflow Utilizes a Proteinase K Digestion and magnetic binding bead technology for effective recovery of DNA from blood, cells, and tissues.
    Yield The DNA binding capacity is 10 µg per 50 µl MagBinding Beads used.

    Custom solutions can be provided, please contact

    Scripts, resources, and support are available for all automation platforms including, but not limited to:

    • AllSheng Auto-Pure 96
    • IsoPure96
    • KingFisher Flex
    • KingFisher Apex
    • Tecan Fluent®
    • Hamilton Microlab®Star
    • Opentrons OT-2
    Please contact to request scripts and additional reference material.

    Cat # Name Size Price
    D4081-3-25 Biofluid & Solid Tissue Buffer 25 mL $43.10
    D4081-3-100 Biofluid & Solid Tissue Buffer 100 mL $143.90
    D4077-1-150 Quick-DNA MagBinding Buffer 150 ml $99.70
    D4100-2-6 MagBinding Beads 6 ml $78.20
    D3004-4-50 DNA Elution Buffer 50 ml $36.30
    D3004-5-250 DNA Pre-Wash Buffer 250 ml $80.40
    D3004-2-200 g-DNA Wash Buffer 200 ml $61.20
    D3004-5-50 DNA Pre-Wash Buffer 50 ml $29.50
    D3004-4-16 DNA Elution Buffer 16 ml $20.40

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