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    Select-a-Size DNA Clean & Concentrator Kit


    Select-a-Size DNA Clean & Concentrator Kit

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    D4080 Select-a-Size DNA Clean & Concentrator Kit 25 Preps Contact For Pricing



    • Quick and easy 7 minute spin-column procedure to select for ≥ 300 bp, ≥ 200 bp, ≥ 150 bp, ≥ 100 bp, ≥ 50 bp DNA fragments or perform a double size selection.
    • Clean and concentrate DNA from enzymatic reactions and library preparations in as little as 10 µl of nuclease free water.
    • Eluted DNA is well suited for use in next generation sequencing, PCR, DNA ligation, endonuclease digestion, etc.

    The Select-a-Size DNA Clean & Concentrator Kit (Select-a-Size DCC) is a size selection DNA kit that provides the quickest and easiest method for purifying a desired range of DNA fragments sizes from library preps, PCR, endonuclease digestions, ligations, etc. Simply adjust the binding conditions for the desired cutoff, bind, wash, and elute. Selectively recover ≥ 300 bp, ≥ 200 bp, ≥ 150 bp, ≥ 100 bp, ≥ 50 bp DNA fragments or perform a double size selection. Unique Zymo-Spin column technology yields high-quality DNA in just minutes that is suitable for next generation sequencing, PCR, and other downstream applications. The entire purification procedure can be performed in as little as 7 minutes for 2 preps or 20 minutes for 24 samples. (See figures below).

    Applicable For Next Generation sequencing, ligation reactions, PCR, labeling, and restriction endonuclease digestions.
    Elution Volume ≥ 10 µl of DNA Elution Buffer
    Equipment Microcentrifuge
    Purity A260/A280 > 1.8, A260/A230 > 1.8
    Sample Source Purified or crude DNA samples.
    Size Range ~50 bp to 23 kb. 50 bp, 100 bp, 150 bp, 200 bp, 300 bp separation points. Double size selection: > 700 bp.
    Yield Up to 3 µg DNA

    Yes, it can be used to bind/purify/remove gDNA (all dsDNA >700 bp will be bound to the column).

    No, it can be used for dsDNA only. For ssDNA selection we recommend agarose gel/PAGE purification.

    The two beads differ in terms of their coated functional groups which also lends itself to varying binding and elution efficiency. Select-a-Size MagBeads MagBinding Beads bind both DNA and RNA, at around >100 bp cutoff. The addition of isopropanol to the procedure allows to bind fragments less than 100 bp. – smaller diameter of beads – take longer to magnetize/pellet, – slightly shorter drying time – Used in Select-a-Size MagBead Kit and RCC MagBead Kit, Quick 16S Library Prep Kit – much larger diameter – faster to magnetize – longer to drying time – Used in all other MagBead kits

    This kit worked incredibly well. I was pleased with the purity and concentration of the product.

    - author -b

    The kit worked great! Both my 260/230 and 260/280 ratios improved. I'm sold.


    Just like the other Zymo kits we used this worked perfectly! The protocol was simple to follow and the yield was amazing. I'll definitely use this kit for my future cloning.

    - Author

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