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    ZRC GF Filter

    C1009-20 / C1009-50

    ZRC GF Filter

    Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
    C1009-20 ZRC GF Filter 20 Pack $71.40
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    C1009-50 ZRC GF Filter 50 Pack $170.00
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    The ZRC-GF Filter syringe filter features durable polypropylene construction and contains a 1.6 µm pore size glass fiber filtration membrane. The filter is ideal for separating the cellular component from biological liquids (e.g., urine) and is the same filter featured in the ZR Urine DNA and RNA Isolation kits.

    Applications Separation of cellular component from biological liquids.
    Matrix/Construction Glass Fiber/Polypropylene
    Porosity 1.6 µm

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