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    Zymo-Seq Methyl Spike-in Control


    Zymo-Seq Methyl Spike-in Control

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    D5500 Zymo-Seq Methyl Spike-in Control 25 preps $75.00
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    • Ensures reliable calculation of bisulfite conversion efficiency post library prep.
    • Six unique amplicons with 0, 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100% methylation levels allow for a standard curve and robust data normalization.
    • Compatible with various species (except for E. coli) and bisulfite sequencing library preparation methods.

    Zymo-Seq Methyl Spike-in Control is comprised of six unique double-stranded synthetic amplicons (180-200 bp) with distinct sequences derived from the E. coli K12 genome, and each amplicon represents a different CpG methylation level ranging from 0% to 100%. This control serves as an in situ control for next generation sequencing library preparations, providing an unbiased way of calculating the efficiency of the bisulfite conversion reaction. It can also be used to validate bioinformatics pipeline calibration by demonstrating a strong correlation between observed and expected methylation levels of the amplicons.

    Concentration 60 pg/µl
    Methylation Levels
    Amplicon # Methylation Level
    1 0%
    2 10%
    3 25%
    4 50%
    5 75%
    6 100%
    Source Double-stranded synthetic amplicons derived from the E. coli genome.
    Storage ≤ 20°C

    Less than 0.5% of the total reads goes into the Zymo-seq Methyl Spike-in Control.

    We recommend using 60pg of Zymo-Seq Methyl Spike-in Control for 100-500ng of sample DNA, 30pg for 50-99ng of DNA, and 10pg for 20-49ng of DNA. Depending on the required amount of the Zymo-Seq Methyl Spike-in Control per DNA sample, it can be further diluted to the appropriate concentration in TE buffer.

    The reference sequence of each amplicon can be found in the instruction manual.

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