Zymo-Spin ChIP Kit

D5209 / D5210

Zymo-Spin ChIP Kit

D5209 / D5210

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Streamlined chromatin immunoprecipitation procedure for investigating protein-DNA interactions.


  • Robust immunoprecipitation and purification of DNA.
  • Unique workflow features a micro-elution (≥6 µl) spin column for purification of ChIP DNA.
  • High-quality ChIP DNA is ideal for ChIP-qPCR, ChIP-Seq, and other molecular applications.


The Zymo-Spin ChIP Kit from Zymo Research provides a streamlined ChIP procedure for investigating protein-DNA interactions that have been “fixed” in their natural state and can be used to effectively identify binding sites for transcription factors, co-factors, and other DNA regulatory proteins.

Technical Specifications

Applicable For Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
Sample Source Mammalian Cells
Storage Upon arrival, ZymoMag Protein A should be stored at 4°C. All other components, including lyophilized Proteinase K, should be stored at room temperature. Once reconstituted, Proteinase K should be stored at ≤ -20°C.


Researchers utilized the Zymo-Spin ChIP Kit to further establish an epigenetic signature of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). They identified the Limb Bud and Heart Development (LBH) gene as a novel transcriptional enhancer that may contribute to the aggressive nature of RA.

Hammaker et al. (2016) Limb bud and heart development gene transcription is regulated by the interplay of an enhancer risk allele and DNA methylation in rheumatoid arthritis.

Researchers studying craniofacial and dental development at the University of Iowa used the Zymo-Spin ChIP Kit to demonstrate the Tbx1 regulation of miR-96 through the binding of Tbx1 at 3251 base pairs upstream of the miR-96 transcription start site. This is the first demonstration of Tbx1 repression of a miRNA.

Gao S et al. (2015) TBX1 protein interactions and microRNA-96-5p regulation controls cell proliferation during craniofacial and dental development: implications for 22q11.

The authors showed the binding of the transcription factors Sp1, c-Myb and NFI to the most upstream α9 negative regulatory element by using the Zymo-Spin ChIP Kit. The data helps to further characterize α9β1, which is a recent member of the integrin family of membrane receptors.

Duval C et al. (2015) Characterization of the human α9 integrin subunit gene: Promoter analysis and transcriptional regulation in ocular cells. Exp Eye Res. pii: S0014-483


“An excellent product that is easy to use.”

- A. A. – Karmanos Cancer Institute

“The kit reduced the amount of time needed for my ChIP experiments, the DNA purification was more efficient than other kits, and the purity of the DNA was higher. The endpoint results generated were highly informative to my experimental objectives.”

- F. E. – Cleveland Clinic

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