Zymo-Spin I-96 Plate

C2004 / C2004-SW

Zymo-Spin I-96 Plate

Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
C2004 Zymo-Spin I-96 Plate 2 Plates $142.00
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C2004-SW Zymo-Spin I-96 Plate (Shallow-well) 2 Plates $129.00
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Deep-well (96) plate purification of DNA/RNA in ≥ 10 µl elution.


The Zymo-Spin I-96 Plate can be used in centrifuges for the large-scale (i.e., 96-well) purification of DNA and/or RNA. Its deep-well, durable polypropylene construction and unique silica-based matrix make it perfect for purifying up to 5 µg of DNA, or 10 µg of RNA in ≥ 10 µl eluate per well.

Capacity 1.1 mL (C2004)
600 µL (C2004-SW)
Dimensions (H x W x L) 35mm x 83mm x 125mm (C2004)
19mm x 83mm x 125mm (C2004-SW)
Format Deep-well (C2004)
Shallow-well (C2004-SW)