Zymoclean Gel RNA Recovery Kit


Zymoclean Gel RNA Recovery Kit


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Zymoclean™ Gel RNA Recovery Kit


  • Quick and Reliable: 30 minute recovery of purified RNA fragments from agarose gels.
  • Concentrated: Up to 10 µg sample in ≥ 6 µl elution.
  • High Recovery: ≥ 80% recovery for RNA > 500 nt.


The Zymoclean Gel RNA Recovery Kit provides a quick and efficient purification method for recovery of RNA fragments from agarose gels. The procedure combines a unique, single-step agarose dissolving/RNA binding buffer with Zymo-Spin column technology to yield high quality, purified RNA in just minutes. The purified RNA is eluted into small volumes of DNase/RNase-free water for highly concentrated samples suitable for subsequent RNA-based manipulations. Compatible with MOPS, TAE, and TBE buffered agarose gels (formaldehyde up to 2.0%).

Technical Specifications

Equipment Microcentrifuge, 37°C-65°C heat source
Purity RNA is ready for all subsequent analysis and molecular manipulation
Sample Source Single- or double-stranded RNA fragments (≥200 nt) resolved in TAE TBE, and MOPS buffered agarose gels. Compatible with formaldehyde to 2.0% (final conc.)
Size Range RNA fragments ≥500 nt (≥80% recovery)
Yield 10 µg RNA (binding capacity), ≥6 µl (elution volume)

Product FAQ

Q1: Are the columns and wash buffer interchangeable with the RCC-5 Kit?

Q2: Can the Zymoclean be used for samples in solution (without running on a gel)?

Q3: What is the maximum weight of gel slice I can use?

Q4: I ran out of RNA Wash Buffer. Can I use something else?

Q5: Will this kit remove fluorescent dyes, radiolabeled dNTP’s and/or Biotin?


Dimeric RNA was extracted from gel slice using the Zymoclean Gel RNA Recovery kit for Northern analysis of signal recognition particle (SRP) RNA.

Rulli Jr SJ, et al. Selective and Nonselective Packaging of Cellular RNAs in Retrovirus Particles. Journal of Virology. 2007.

The Zymoclean Gel RNA Recovery kit was used on agarose gels with RNA derived from Candida albicans strains. Researchers showed new mechanisms that regulates rRNA processing involving 18S, 5.8S and 25S rRNAs.

Pendrak, ML et al. Ribosomal RNA processing in Candida albicans. RNA Journal. 2011.

A dsRNA full-length transcript standard was visualized by electrophoresis on a 1% denaturing agarose gel and isolated using the Zymoclean Gel RNA Recovery kit. This rotavirus (RVA) dsRNA was used in qRT-PCR for RVA detection with the limit of detection being 1 genome copy per reaction.

Mijatovic-Rustempasic S et al. Sensitive and Specific Quantitative Detection of Rotavirus A by One-Step Real-Time Reverse Transcription-PCR Assay without Antecedent Double-Stranded-RNA Denaturation. Journal of Clinical Microbiology. 2013.

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