ZymoTaq qPCR Premix

E2054 / E2055

ZymoTaq qPCR Premix

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E2054 ZymoTaq qPCR Premix 50 Rxns $90.00
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E2055 ZymoTaq qPCR Premix 200 Rxns $335.00
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Amplification of bisulfite-converted; CpG rich DNA; Amplification of DNA; TA cloning


  • Hot-start polymerase for easy setup at room temperature.
  • Robust amplification of DNA for genotyping, SNP, and HRM analysis.
  • Strong fluorescent signal for real-time and quantitative PCR assays.

ZymoTaq qPCR PreMix contains all the reagents needed to perform quantitative PCR and other molecular downstream analysis such as high-resolution melt (HRM) analysis of DNA methylation and other general real-time PCR assays. This premix features a hot-start DNA polymerase and buffer system optimized for the amplification of bisulfite-treated DNA. It also includes an intense dsDNA-specific fluorescent dye, SYTO 9, for sensitive real-time DNA quantification. This technology can also be found in the Femto Quantification Kits (E2005, E2006, E2007) for low copy detection of DNA from human, bacteria, or fungi.

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