Zyppy Plasmid Miniprep Kit

D4019 / D4020 / D4036 / D4037

Zyppy Plasmid Miniprep Kit

D4019 / D4020 / D4036 / D4037

Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
D4019 Zyppy Plasmid Miniprep Kit 100 Preps $109.00
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D4020 Zyppy Plasmid Miniprep Kit 400 Preps $369.00
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D4036 Zyppy Plasmid Miniprep Kit 50 Preps $65.00
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D4037 Zyppy Plasmid Miniprep Kit 800 Preps $670.00
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Pellet-free, high-quality plasmid DNA in only 8 minutes


  • Fastest: 8 minutes from culture flask to high-quality plasmid DNA.
  • Pellet-Free: Direct lysis procedure omits cell-pelleting and resuspension steps.
  • High Quality: Ready for PCR, sequencing, cloning, and transfection.


The Zyppy Plasmid Miniprep Kit is a plasmid DNA kit that features a pellet-free modified alkaline lysis system that bypasses the normal cell-pelleting and resuspension steps common to classical plasmid preparation procedures. Simply add the uniquely formulated 7X Lysis Buffer directly to your bacterial culture, neutralize, and then purify with Zymo-Spin column technology. Additionally, the patented colored buffers included in the kit allow for easy visualization of complete cell lysis and neutralization. The Zyppy Plasmid Miniprep Kit is the fastest and easiest method available to separate plasmid DNA from E. Coli efficiently. The plasmid DNA is high quality, endotoxin-free, and well suited for use in transfection, bacterial transformation, restriction endonuclease digestion, DNA ligation, PCR, transcription, sequencing, and other sensitive downstream applications.

Technical Specifications

Applicable For Ligation, sequencing, restriction endonuclease digestion, in vitro transcription, and other sensitive applications requiring pure DNA.
Elution Volume ≥ 30 µl
Equipment Microcentrifuge and/or a vacuum manifold.
Processing Time 8 min
Purity Typical Abs260/280 ≥1.8.
Size Range Up to 25 kb
Yield Up to 25 µg of plasmid DNA per preparation, depending on the plasmid copy number, culture growth conditions, and strain of E. Coli utilized.

Product FAQ

Q1: I ran out of Zyppy Wash Buffer. Can I substitute it with a homemade solution or Wash Buffer from another kit?

Q2: I accidently left my Neutralization Buffer at room temperature. Will it be okay?

Q3: What are the endotoxin levels in plasmid DNA isolated with the Zyppy Kits?

Q4: Can the Zyppy Plasmid kits be used to isolate large constructs (BAC/PAC)?

Q5: Can the purified plasmid be transfected into eukaryotic cell lines?

Q6: What is the composition of the Zyppy Elution buffer?

Q7: Can E.coli grown in enriched growth media be used with this kit?



“The speed I was doing a side by side comparison with Invitrogen and it is really nice to go from culture to plasmid DNA in less than 15 min.  Also the precipitate was really solid, no floaties, so it was very easy to pipet off the supernatant.”

- Rebecca N.

“It performs just as well as the Qiagen mini-prep kit (the accepted lab-standard).  The kit was very easy to follow and the resultant DNA was compatible with our complex downstream procedures.”

- Richard F.

"The results gave what they promised!  Clean DNA."

- Pamela R (UT Medicine San Antonio)

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