EZ DNA Methylation-Gold Kits

The EZ DNA Methylation-Gold™ Kit is a refinement of our popular EZ DNA Methylation™ kits. These products consolidate DNA denaturation and bisulfite conversion processes into one step, leading to a much faster bisulfite conversion. This is accomplished using temperature denaturation instead of chemical denaturation which is used in the original EZ DNA Methylation™ Kit. Also, the EZ DNA Methylation-Gold™ Kits have been streamlined for high yield recovery of DNA following bisulfite treatment. Recovered bisulfite-converted DNA is ideal for PCR amplification for downstream analyses including endonuclease digestion, sequencing, microarrays, etc.

Comparison Table

Catalog #ProductFormatElution VolumeInput
D5005EZ DNA Methylation-GoldSpin-Column≥ 10 ul500 pg - 2 µg of DNA
D5007EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Gold Kit96-Well (Shallow)≥ 30 µl500 pg - 2 µg of DNA
D5008EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Gold Kit96-Well (Deep)≥ 15 µl500 pg - 2 µg of DNA
D5042EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Gold MagPrepMagnetic Beads≥ 25 µl500 pg - 2 µg of DNA

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