Quick-DNA/RNA Viral Kits

The Quick-DNA/RNA™ Viral Kits are designed for quick and easy purification of viral DNA and/or RNA from plasma, serum, urine, cell culture media, blood, saliva, cellular suspensions, biopsies, and swab and fecal samples stored in DNA/RNA Shield™ (for sample collection, nucleic acid preservation and inactivation of pathogens).

The Quick-DNA/RNA™ Viral Kits feature a buffer system that facilitates complete viral particle lysis for nucleic acid isolation. Small (> 50 nt) and large (> 200 kb) DNA and RNA are efficiently bound, washed, and eluted.

The isolated, high-quality nucleic acids are ready for all downstream applications such as Next-Generation Sequencing, RT-qPCR, and hybridization-based detection.

Comparison Table

ProductCatalog #Binding CapacityFormatElution Volume
Quick-DNA/RNA Viral KitD702050 µgSpin-Column35 µl
Quick-DNA/RNA Viral 96 KitD702210 µg96-Well Plate10 µl
Quick-DNA/RNA Viral MagBeadR21405µgMagnetic Beads15 µl

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