Quick-DNA/RNA Viral Kits

The Quick-DNA/RNA Viral Kits are viral DNA/RNA purification kits that provide for rapid isolation of high-quality viral nucleic acids from a wide range of biological sources. These viral DNA/RNA purification kits can be used to successfully isolate from cell-free body fluids, as well as cellular suspensions. These viral DNA/RNA purification kits have been rigorously tested and used to isolate viral nucleic acids from samples containing enteroviruses, rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, HIV, HCV, influenza A virus, flaviviruses, measles virus, parainfluenza virus and parvovirus (a ssDNA virus). The viral DNA/RNA purification kits employ a single buffer system that facilitates viral particle lysis and allows for subsequent DNA/RNA binding. The nucleic acids are washed and then eluted with DNase/RNase-Free Water. The eluted DNA and RNA are suitable for use in various subsequent procedures, including RT-PCR.

Comparison Table

ProductCatalog #Binding CapacityFormatElution Volume
Quick-DNA/RNA Viral KitD702050 µgSpin-Column35 µl
Quick-DNA/RNA Viral 96 KitD702210 µg96-Well Plate10 µl
Quick-DNA/RNA Viral MagBeadR214010 µgMagnetic Beads50 µl

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