Quick-DNA/RNA Viral Kits

The Quick-DNA Viral Kits are viral DNA purification kits that provide for the rapid isolation of high-quality viral DNA from a wide range of biological sources. These viral DNA purification kits uniquely designed buffer is included for the efficient denaturation of viral particles in whole blood (fresh and stored), plasma, serum, tissue, ascites, cultured cells, and from liquid samples. With these viral DNA purification kits, DNA can be eluted with elution buffer or water and is suitable for subsequent PCR, nucleotide blotting, and restriction endonuclease digestion procedures.

Comparison Table

ProductCatalog #Binding CapacityFormatElution Volume
Quick-DNA/RNA Viral KitD702050 µgSpin-Column35 µl
Quick-DNA/RNA Viral 96 KitD702210 µg96-Well Plate10 µl
Quick-DNA/RNA Viral MagBeadR21405µgMagnetic Beads30µl