Quick-DNA Tissue/Insect Kits

The Quick-DNA Tissue/Insect Kits are insect DNA extraction kits designed for the simple and rapid isolation of DNA (e.g., genomic, viral, mitochondrial) from fresh, frozen, or stored insect specimens, including mosquitoes, bees, lice, ticks, and D. melanogaster . With these insect DNA extraction kits, the procedure is easy and can be completed in minutes: samples are rapidly and efficiently lysed by bead beating with our state of the art, ultra-high density BashingBeads. The DNA is then isolated and purified using our Zymo-Spin Technology and is ideal for downstream molecular-based applications including PCR, array, genotyping, etc. The procedure of these insect DNA extraction kits is also compatible with mammalian tissues, whole blood, and cultured cells.

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