RNA from TRIzol in 7 minutes

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Direct-zol RNA Kits

Save over an hour

Don't fumble with phase separation




pipette dropper filling column with pink liquid

7 minutes

column tube with liquid inside

90+ minutes

Conventional Method

No chloroform. No precipitation.

High Quality


RIN chart

Consistently obtain RNA with high RIN values

Highest Yields

The Power of a Microprep

spin column

Designed for small inputs
Experience no RNA loss

4x More miRNA than Conventional Method
6 µl Elution

Non-Biased Recovery

The conventional method can have biasing effects on what you actually recover. Kim et. al. have shown that for TRIzol extractions there is bias in miRNA recovery depending on the amount of input used – small RNAs with low GC content were lost when the amount of cells were smaller. To obtain results you can trust, use Direct-zol to recover ALL the RNA in a sample.

Kim, YK et al. Short Structured RNAs with Low GC Content Are Selectively Lost during Extraction from a Small Number of Cells. Molecular Cell. 2012

Comparison chart for Direct-zol vs other conventional methods

Direct-zol RNA kits recovered ~4-fold more miRNAs (< 40 nt) than conventional methods. miRNAs purified from cells and tissue were quantified using Bioanalyzer small RNA chip.

Nothing else compares

Unparalleled Technology

Direct-zol™ TRIzol Method Supplier A miRNA Kit Supplier Q Phenol Kit
Time per Prep 7 min. 90+ min. 30 min. 30 min.
No Phase Separation
Small RNA Recovery
DNase I included
Only Direct-zol™ skips phase separation using TRIzol to achieve NGS-Ready RNA in 7 minutes

Eliminate DNA Contamination

RNA Gel showing Genomic DNA contamination

DNA-free RNA purified from human epithelial cells using Direct-zol™ compared to a genomic DNA containing preparation from Supplier Q.

DNase I Included

Highly Cited

Trusted & Proven

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  •   Viral Discovery
  •   RNA Sequencing
  •   Neuroscience
  •   Cancer Research
  •   CRISPR/Cas9
  •   microRNA Regulation
  •   Stem Cells
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Highly Recommended

In its own class

“It took hardly any time, the protocol was so easy, and my RNA quality was SO much better. Honestly, this kit revolutionized my life at the bench.”

- A.N., The Wistar Institute

“Simple protocol and yielded good quality of RNA. Only one kit working for all types of tissue, cell and especially biological fluids.”

- M.K., University of Illinois, Chicago

“Previously I used a protocol that took 3 hours, now I can have my RNA in 20 minutes. What is not to like about that? Just one column and two buffers, I love it.”

- A.V., Indiana University

“This kit is amazing, I've got a gel comparing the lack of gDNA as shown in the advertising pamphlet. What can I say, except: I love this product!“

- R.K., CSU

“The yield and the purity of the RNA is something out of this world, about at least 50% more RNA and purity not less than 1.95, we never got [that] before with other vendors such Invitrogen, Qiagen, etc.”

- E.S., University of Iowa

Direct-zol. It's Simple.

Binding Capacity Minimum Elution (Animal) Cells Tissue Protocol
Direct-zol MiniPrep Plus 100 µg 50 µl ≤ 10 7 ≤ 50 mg image of pdf icon
Direct-zol MiniPrep 50 µg 25 µl ≤ 5 x 10 7 ≤ 25 mg image of pdf icon
Direct-zol MicroPrep 10 µg 6 µl ≤ 10 6 ≤ 5 mg image of pdf icon
Direct-zol-96 RNA 10 µg 10 µl ≤ 10 6 ≤ 5 mg image of pdf icon
Direct-zol-96 MagBead RNA 10 µg 50 µl ≤ 10 6 ≤ 5 mg image of pdf icon
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