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The RiboFree ® technology have been cited over 100 times. View a few recent publications below.

What Are People Saying About Our Transcriptomic Technologies?

“Stress-free. Manageable. Fast. I really love the kit. The Zymo miRNA library kit dispelled previous discouraging experiences that I had when using individual components as described by different research articles. Every step is clearly explained in the manual and in the tutorial video, thus reading through the manual / watching the tutorial video prior to small RNA library preparation is highly recommended. It made the whole process simple and easy.”

Kim Nguyen, PhD

UC Irvine

"The primary strength of this kit [Zymo-Seq SwitchFree 3' mRNA Library Kit] was the simplicity of the workflow - by far, this is the easiest protocol I have encountered for RNA-seq library prep. I would recommend this to lab members as an entry point for RNA-seq. The stranded data and use of UMIs are two other major positives."

Jared T.

Miami University

"I am really happy with the kit! This experience with Zymo Kit was wonderful. Congratulations on the excellent product developed. I'm sure it will be a success. I had excellent library performance on the tests.”

Dr. Fabio Queiroz

Instituto Mario Penna - MG/Brazil

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