RNA Cleanup Kits

Zymo Research simplifies the process of RNA cleanup with its wide range of kits. Explore the best RNA cleanup kits for desired formats, targets, and downstream applications. The RNA cleanup kits are reliable and can effectively clean up any RNA sample for sensitive downstream applications such as RT-qPCR and Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS). Ensure high-quality, pure RNA for any experiment with Zymo Research’s RNA cleanup kits.

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Zymo Research offers fast and simple RNA cleanup kits to simplify the previously difficult task of RNA extraction. The RNA cleanup kit procedure consists of three easy steps: bind, wash, and elute. These RNA cleanup and concentration kits achieve high-quality RNA in small quantities, from picograms to 1 mg. Pure and concentrated RNA can be eluted in as little as 6 µl, providing ultra-pure RNA.

With the use of a single-buffer system and Zymo-Spin column technology, the RNA cleanup kits allow recovery of total RNA (> 17 nt) or selective recovery of large RNAs (> 200 nt) and/or small RNAs (17-200 nt).


Zymo Research’s RNA cleanup kits play a crucial role in obtaining high-quality, RT-PCR-ready, DNA-free RNA. The kits use innovative purification technologies that are effective with small input amounts of nucleic acids and low elution volumes. The RNA cleanup kits can purify RNA from gels, enzymatic reactions, and impure or diluted samples.

The RNA cleanup kits are ideal for cleaning and concentrating RNA samples. The kits also work with other types of nucleic acids, such as dsDNA, ssRNA, dsRNA, and ssDNA, including cDNA. The purification process removes enzymes, buffers, unincorporated nucleotides, oligos, humic acid, polyphenolics, dyes, salts, and chemicals. The RNA can then be used in downstream applications, such as hybridization, enzymatic reactions, RT-PCR, and sequencing.


Zymo Research's RNA cleanup kits can effectively remove inhibitors from nucleic acid solutions to yield high-quality RNA. These kits come with all the necessary components for the efficient removal of contaminants that can inhibit downstream applications.

DNA contamination is a common challenge when extracting RNA. However, Zymo Research's RNA Clean & Concentrator™ kits offer a simple and reliable method to prepare high-quality RNA. DNase I is included in some of the clean and concentrator formats and purifies RNA to be RT-PCR-ready and DNA-free.

Other challenges involve recovering RNA from agarose and PAGE gels, and removing polyphenolics, humic acid, and tannins from pre-purified RNA. Zymo Research offers a variety of RNA cleanup kits for gels. The OneStep™ PCR inhibitor removal kit ensures high-quality RNA for any downstream application.


Zymo Research’s RNA cleanup kits are available in two different formats: column-based and magnetic-bead based. Furthermore, the two formats are compatible with different input amounts and throughput needs, but both technologies produce high-quality RNA. The choice between the two depends on personal preference and downstream application requirements.

Column-based kits use a unique Zymo-Spin™-column technology that can be used in a microcentrifuge to purify RNA. This process produces high-quality RNA that is free of inhibitors and ready for any downstream application. Zymo Research offers column-based RNA cleanup kits that yield from picogram to 1 mg amounts of RNA.

Magnetic bead-based kits refer to a high-throughput, automatable purification method of nucleic acids. These kits use magnetic binding beads in a simple and reliable method of isolating total RNA. Specifically, this method produces high-quality RNA ready for Next-Gen sequencing, RT-qPCR, and hybridization. Zymo Research offers high-throughput RNA cleanup kits in 96-Well Plate format or in magnetic-bead format.

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