His-Spin Protein Miniprep™

Fast His-tagged protein purification.

The His-Spin Protein Miniprep™ provides a fast method for His-tagged protein purification. The easy-to-follow procedure is based on a nickel-charged His-Affinity Gel (IMAC) protein purification, and the unique Zymo-Spin™ Technology. Up to 1 mg of His-tagged protein can be eluted into ≥ 100 μl of the provided His-Elution Buffer in only 5 minutes. The purified protein is ideal for enzymatic assays, protein biochemical analyses, SDS PAGE, as well as other protein based applications. The straightforward spin-wash-elute protocol dramatically simplifies protein purification: get results in minutes, not hours!

graph of E. coli cell extracts
green column showing how to get purified protein
  • Purification Time – 5 minutes
  • Capacity – up to 1 mg
  • Protein Purity – Electrophoretically pure
  • Elution Volume – 100-200 μl (optimal 150 μl)
  • Elution Method – Imidazol gradient
  • Affinity Matrix – Nickel charged agarose
graph of E. coli cell extracts

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