EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning Kit

D5030T / D5030 / D5031

EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning Kit

D5030T / D5030 / D5031

Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
D5030T EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning Kit 10 Rxns. $45.00
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D5030 EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning Kit 50 Rxns. $193.00
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D5031 EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning Kit 200 Rxns. $547.00
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Discover the fastest bisulfite conversion kit with the most efficient method for complete bisulfite conversion of DNA for methylation analysis.


  • Fastest bisulfite conversion kit for complete bisulfite conversion of DNA for methylation analysis.
  • Ready-to-use conversion reagent is added directly to DNA.
  • High-yield, converted DNA is ideal for PCR, Methylation Specific PCR (MSP), arrays, library preps, Next-Generation sequencing, etc.


The EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning Kit can rapidly bisulfite convert and purify DNA in less than 1.5 hours. A ready-to-use conversion reagent streamlines this process – simply add the reagent directly to the sample and incubate. Desulphonation and clean-up of the converted DNA is performed on a spin-column, allowing an elution volume as low as 10 µl. The kit achieves high conversion efficiency of unmodified cytosines into uracil, ensuring accurate downstream methylation analysis.

Technical Specifications

Applications Purified, converted DNA is of high-quality and well-suited for downstream processes, including library preparation for Next-Generation sequencing, PCR amplification, etc.
Conversion > 99.5%
Elution Volume ≥ 10 µl
Equipment Thermocycler with heated lid and microcentrifuge.
Input 100 pg - 2 µg of DNA.
Processing Time 1.5 hours
Recovery > 80%
Sample Source Purified genomic DNA, endonuclease-digested DNA, linearized plasmid DNA, etc. DNA should be high-quality and RNA-free.

Product FAQ

Q1: Which polymerase is recommended for amplification from bisulfite converted DNA?

Q2: Is an incubation with desulphonation buffer for longer than 20 minutes recommended?

Q3: Does bisulfite conversion only occur in a CpG context?

Q4: Tips for bisulfite primer design?

Q5: What is the minimum DNA size that can be recovered?

Q6: How to quantify / visualize converted DNA?

Q7: What leads to poor conversion efficiency/ low yields?

Q8: How long is bisulfite converted DNA stable at -20 °C?

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“Results were as good as with the formerly used EZ DNA Methylation Gold Kit but significantly reduced total time for analyses. More flexibility due to the possibility of up to 20h storage of the samples after bisulfite conversion before the cleaning procedure especially for part-time employees.”

- Sabrina S. (UK-Aachen)

“The conversion reagent no longer has to be made up from individual components and dissolved - it is supplied ready-made. The conversion reagent can be stored at room temperature - there is no need to use up all 10 uses in one month. This makes it more flexible, and avoids wastage. Shorter protocol saves time.”

- Jeremy B. (AgResearch)

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