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    SafeCollect Skin Collection Kit Sample

    SafeCollect Skin Collection Kit Sample

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    • User-friendly design allows for safe, convenient collection of skin samples without a wetting solution.
    • High DNA yield during collection with adhesive-based design when compared to swabbing.
    • Stabilizes the DNA and RNA in a sample for transport/storage without the need for cold-chain.

    The SafeCollect Skin Collection Kit includes one EpiLift Collector and one SafeCollect Collection Tube.

    The EpiLift Collector is a novel device intended for easy self-collection of skin microbiome samples that utilizes an innovative adhesive paired with a user-friendly design that is simple and convenient. The EpiLift Collector is available with DNA/RNA Shield for robust DNA/RNA stabilization.

    DNA/RNA Shield completely inactivates harmful pathogens in the sample, and stabilizes the RNA in a sample for up to 30 days at room temperature. The SafeCollect design eliminates the risk of spilling the stabilization reagent during use, and is ideal for applications that require at-home self collection.

    Applicable for NGS, qPCR
    Device Specs SafeCollect Tube: 15mm x 92mm prefilled with 1mL DNA/RNA Shield
    Cap: 19mm x 15mm
    EpiLift Collector: 152mm x 14mm x 3mm
    Kit Components • 1 EpiLift Collector
    • 1 SafeCollect Collection Tube (1mL)
    Sample Collection  Suitable for collection of skin samples
    Stability RNA: Ambient temperature​
    (4°C- 25°C) at least 1 month​
    DNA: Ambient temperature​
    (4°C- 25°C) at least 2 years​
    DNA & RNA: Frozen​
    (< -20°C): Indefinitely

    EpiLift has a higher DNA yield compared to a standard flocked swab and is competitive to a swab with wetting solution.

    16S Sequencing, Long read 16S sequencing, Shotgun Sequencing

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