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    Zymo-Seq ATAC Library Kit


    Zymo-Seq ATAC Library Kit

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    D5458 Zymo-Seq ATAC Library Kit 12 preps $824.00
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    • Ready to Use: Preassembled buffers allow for lightning-fast library preparation in as little as 4 hours without compromising quality.
    • Improved Performance: Prepare libraries with 7x less mitochondrial contamination, saving reads and increasing sequencing depth.
    • Outstanding Consistency: Produce highly correlated replicates from both fresh and frozen samples.

    Zymo-Seq ATAC Library Kit provides a simple and streamlined workflow for Assay for Transposase Accessible Chromatin with high throughput Sequencing (ATAC-Seq) library preparation from mammalian cell and tissue input. This all-inclusive kit features an easy to follow protocol capable of preparing ATAC-Seq libraries from as little as 50,000 cells in as little as 4 hours with minimal hands on time.

    Initial cell lysis is gentle, ensuring that while the important nuclei are spun out of the lysed cell and collected, the contaminating mitochondrial DNA stays within the cell and is discarded. Next, the transposase, preloaded with Illumina adaptors, simultaneously fragments and tags (tagments) open chromatin regions in one rapid reaction. Finally, the tagmented DNA is indexed and amplified via PCR with UDI Tag Primer Set, generating high quality libraries that are ready to be sequenced on any Illumina instrument.

    DNA Input For optimal results, use 50,000 cells per technical replicate. Cells should present viability (measure of the proportion of live cells within a population) >80%. Recommend using cell counter to measure viability accurately.
    Equipment Required Microcentrifuge, Biosafety cabinet, Cell counter, water bath, thermocycler, and thermoshaker with capacity to heat to 37°C and shake at 1000 rpm (We recommend USA Scientific Mixer HC™ with a thermo block that can fit 1.5 mL tubes and 2 mL Low Binding tubes).
    Library Storage Libraries eluted in DNA Elution Buffer may be stored at 4°C overnight or at -20°C for long term storage.
    Processing Time ~ 4 hours
    Reagents Not Provided Trypan blue, PBS, DNase I, cell media, trypsin, FBS, and DMSO.
    Sequencing Platform Compatibility Libraries are compatible with Illumina sequencing platforms (HiSeq™, NextSeq™, NovaSeq™).

    It is possible to generate libraries with inputs lower than 50k, however, the quality of such libraries is not guaranteed. Typically, we see more PCR duplicates in sequencing data as the amount of input decreases.

    It is possible to generate libraries with inputs higher than 50k, however, the quality of such libraries is not guaranteed.

    Each tube contains a premixed forward and reverse primer set that contain a unique i5 and i7 index, respectively. The concentrations of each UDI primer premix is 5µM total (2.5µM each primer).

    Yes, however, the protocol is optimized for live mammalian cell input and adjustments will have to be made. Please contact (949)-679-1190 ext. 3 or for technical support regarding your sample type.

    Due to the nature of the assay being very low input, cell and nuclei pellets often will not be visible after they have been spun down. As seen in Section 1 Step 9 of the protocol, if the Low Binding Tubes are placed in the microcentrifuge with the hinge of the tube pointing to the center of the rotor, then the pellet should be found on the side of the tube opposite to the hinge. This location should not change, even when the cell/nuclei pellet is too small to be seen.

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    D4003T DNA Clean & Concentrator-5 (Uncapped) 10 Preps $30.60

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