Mix & Go! Competent Cells for Transformation

Bacterial transformation is one of the most fundamental techniques in molecular biology. This method facilitates the transfer of exogenous DNA into a host cell. Once within the cell, the DNA can be used for integration into the genome, replication, protein production, and more. However, not all bacteria can take up exogenous DNA from their environment. For successful DNA uptake to occur, the bacterial cells must be competent.

At Zymo Research, we have developed Mix & Go! E. coli Competent Cells that are optimized for simple and high-efficiency transformations, eliminating the need for heat shock and lengthy incubation steps that are associated with standard procedures.

The Mix & Go! E. coli Competent Cells enable a simple 20 second transformation process that can help you save over 1 hour on transformations. The competent cells have exceptional transformation efficiencies, reaching up to 109 transformants per µg of plasmid DNA. We have five premade strains available, including the renowned DH5 alpha competent cells. Find the perfect strain of Mix & Go! Competent Cells for your experiment or produce your own using our Mix & Go! E. coli Transformation Kit and Buffer Set. Sample strains and products are available upon request. Unlock the pathway to success in your research and therapeutic development endeavors today.

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