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    Load N’ Go ZymoBIOMICS DNA MagBead Kit


    Load N’ Go ZymoBIOMICS DNA MagBead Kit

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    D4311 Load N’ Go ZymoBIOMICS DNA MagBead Kit 96 preps $424.93
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    • Save Time and Focus on Discovery: Pre-filled 96-well reagent plate technology that offers multi-platform compatibility and reduces hands-on time by 75%.
    • Validated Unbiased for Microbiome Measurements: Unbiased cellular lysis validated using the ZymoBIOMICS™ Microbial Community Standard.
    • Inhibitor-Free DNA from Any Sample: Isolate ultra-pure DNA ready for any downstream application.

    The Load N' Go ZymoBIOMICS DNA MagBead Kit is a cutting-edge solution for efficient and unbiased nucleic acid extraction from a wide range of samples. This high-throughput DNA MagBead Kit simplifies the extraction process by reducing hands-on time by 75% through its pre-loaded plate technology, making it compatible with various laboratory automation platforms.

    The ZymoBIOMICS innovative lysis system ensures equal lysis efficiencies across different organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, protozoans, and algae, making it ideal for microbial community profiling. The kit's ultra-high-density BashingBeads provide thorough mechanical lysis of even the most challenging microbes. Moreover, the Load N' Go ZymoBIOMICS DNA MagBead Kit features Zymo Research's proprietary OneStep PCR Inhibitor Removal technology, enabling PCR from environmental samples rich in inhibitory compounds. This state-of-the-art lysis technology, combined with Zymo-Spin™ Technology, results in high yields of ultra-pure DNA suitable for various downstream applications, including PCR, arrays, 16S rRNA gene sequencing, and shotgun sequencing.

    Bead Beating System The innovative ZymoBIOMICS lysis system enables complete homogenization/disruption of the microbial cells walls and accurate microbial DNA analysis, free of bias. To ensure unbiased lysis, calibration of each bead-beating device is recommended by using the ZymoBIOMICS Microbial Community Standard.
    Bioburden A single preparation is guaranteed to contain less than 3 bacterial genomic copies per µl of eluate as determined by quantitative amplification of the 16S rRNA gene when eluted using 100 µl water.
    DNA Integrity On average, post bead beating, genomic DNA is between 15-20 kb depending on the initial quality of the sample, making it amenable to Next-Generation Sequencing platforms requiring high molecular weight DNA. For optimal DNA integrity, collect samples in DNA/RNA Shield.
    DNA Purity High quality, inhibitor-free DNA is eluted with ZymoBIOMICS DNase/RNase Free Water and is suitable for all downstream applications including PCR and Next-Generation Sequencing.
    DNA Recovery Up to 5 µg total DNA.
    Sample Sources Bacterial (including endospores), fungal, protozoan, algal, viral, mitochondrial, and host DNA is efficiently isolated from ≤50 mg of mammalian feces, ≤100 mg soil, and 5 – 20 mg (wet weight) of bacterial/fungal cells, biofilms, and water.

    The Load N' Go ZymoBIOMICS DNA MagBead Kit is designed to work with a wide range of sample types, including plasma, serum, urine, cell culture media, blood, saliva, cellular suspensions, swab, fecal, and biopsy samples. Its innovative lysis system ensures efficient and unbiased nucleic acid extraction from various organisms present in these samples, making it suitable for microbial community profiling and other downstream applications.

    Yes, the Load N' Go ZymoBIOMICS DNA MagBead Kit is compatible with various laboratory automation platforms. Its pre-loaded plate technology is designed for seamless integration into high-throughput workflows. While the kit is generally compatible with most platforms, it is recommended to consult with the automation team from Zymo Research for appropriate scripts and scripting support. You can contact them at to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with your chosen laboratory automation system.

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    C2019 96 Tip Combs (For V-Bottom Deep Well Plate) 2 Combs $14.00
    R1200-125 DNA/RNA Shield (2X Concentrate) 125 ml $248.20

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