Quick-RNA Viral Kit

R1034 / R1035

Quick-RNA Viral Kit

R1034 / R1035

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R1034 Quick-RNA Viral Kit 50 preps $145.00
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R1035 Quick-RNA Viral Kit 200 preps $489.00
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Viral DNA and RNA from all biological fluids


  • Viral RNA: Compatible with plasma, serum, urine, cell culture media, blood, saliva, cellular suspensions, biopsies, swabs, feces, samples in DNA/RNA Shield, etc.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Sample inactivation and easy one-step lysis enables fast processing.
  • High Sensitivity: Optimized for low viral copy detection for Next-Gen Sequencing and RT-qPCR.


The Quick-RNA Viral Kit is a quick viral RNA purification kit for viral RNA from plasma, serum, cell culture media, cellular suspensions, urine, blood, saliva and any other biological samples stored in DNA/RNA Shield™. DNA/RNA Shield™ ensures nucleic acid stability during sample storage/transport at ambient temperatures (4-25°C). The reagent effectively lyses cells and inactivates nucleases and infectious agents (virus). The kit also features a specialized buffer system that facilitates complete viral particle lysis for efficient RNA isolation from samples containing enteroviruses, rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, HIV, HCV, influenza A virus, flaviviruses, measles virus, parainfluenza virus, parvovirus (a ssDNA virus), etc. Viral RNA is bound to the column, washed and eluted. The isolated high-quality viral RNA is ready for all downstream applications such as Next-Gen Sequencing, hybridization-based and RT/PCR detection.

Technical Specifications

Equipment Microcentrifuge
Purity RNA is ready for Next-Gen sequencing, RT-qPCR, microarray, hybridization, etc.
Sample Source Plasma, serum, saliva, urine, blood, cell culture media, cellular suspensions, biopsies, and swab and fecal samples stored in DNA/RNA Shield
Size Range 50 nt to ~200 kb
Yield 10 µg RNA (binding capacity), ≥6 µl (elution volume)


The Quick-RNA Viral kit was used for extraction from nasal swabs to facilitate a microarray assay with capabilities to identify novel viruses including SARS coronavirus, a rhinovirus clade, avian bornavirus, among others.

Chen, EC et al. Using a Pan-Viral Microarray Assay (Virochip) to Screen Clinical samples for Viral Pathogens. Journal of Visualized Experiments. 2011.

Snake tissue was homogenized in TRIzol and the aqueous phase was used to purify viral RNA using the Quick-RNA Viral system for quantitative PCR. Sequencing results suggest novel viruses related to arenaviruses cause inclusion body disease (IBD).

Stenglein, MD et al. Identification, Characterization, and In Vitro Culture of Highly Divergent Arenaviruses from Boa Constrictors and Annulated Tree Boas: Candidate Etiological Agents for Snake Inclusion Body Disease. mBio. 2012.

Researchers showed that reduced immune response in aged animals contributes to Chikungunya virus persistence in the spleen compared to adult individuals who are able to control viral infection. RT-PCR was used to quantify viral load prepared from peripheral blood (plasma and PBMC) using the Quick-RNA Viral extraction kit.

Messaoudi, I et al. Chikungunya Virus Infection Results in Higher and Persistent Viral Replication in Aged Rhesus Macaques Due to Defects in Anti-Viral Immunity. PLoS Neglected Diseases. 2013.

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“The Quick-RNA Viral RNA kit performed much better than the RNeasy 96 kit for extracting RNA from dilute samples of virus supernatant. The kit is designed for small-volume elution to automatically concentrate the sample, and it’s designed for viral supernatants rather than cell lysates, so we didn’t need to deal with optimizing added carrier RNA. So in all, it was simpler, easier, and gave us a 10-fold improvement in our limit of detection.”

- S.B., Boehringer Ingelheim, Canada

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