Genomic DNA Purification Kits

Genomic DNA purification kits feature Zymo-Spin for complete inhibitor removal and high DNA concentration. View genomic DNA purification kits optimal for isolating DNA effectively.

Genomic DNA Purification Kits Overview

Zymo Research offers a range of genomic DNA purification kits that are suitable for isolating DNA from a wide variety of sample types.  For example, types include tissue, fresh and paraffin-embedded tissue sections, cultured cells, saliva, buccal cells, whole blood, plasma, serum, urine, bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae, viruses, and mitochondria.

The isolation kits yield high-quality dsDNA that is ideal for use in downstream applications such as PCR, Southern blotting, endonuclease digestion, and methylation detection.

Similar to the DNA clean-up series of kits, the genomic DNA purification kits feature Zymo-Spin technology.  Specifically, this technology provides complete inhibitor and contaminant removal, minimal elution volumes, and high concentrations of recovered DNA.

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