Great Science Requires Controls

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Ensure NGS accuracy and data reproducibility with the #1 cited microbiome standards.

The Microbiomics Standards & Controls Initiative

What are microbiome standards and controls?

Microbiome standards are mixed-cell communities or isolated DNA composed in known concentrations, allowing for accurate data interpretation.

Why give away free standards and controls?

Leaders in the field of microbiomics have recognized that the lack of well-defined microbial standards and controls has held back research progress.

Zymo Research is passionate about data quality and reproducibility, so, in an effort to make well-defined standards and controls available to all researchers, the ZymoBIOMICS Microbial Standards and Spike-in Controls will be offered to all free of charge!

Worldwide Consortia and Leaders in the Field are Calling for Standards

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"It is an exciting time for the field of metagenomics and the microbiome. However, the limited availability to compare between different research studies greatly hinders the progress of the research."

Christopher E. Mason, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Weill Cornell Medicine

"Before we can make correlations of microorganisms with a condition, we need to know what the microbiome we have is reflective of reality."

Raul Cano, Ph.D

Chief Scientific Officer, The BioCollective

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Types of Standards and Controls

D6300 ZymoBIOMICS Microbial Community Standard
D6305 ZymoBIOMICS Microbial Community DNA Standard
D6310 ZymoBIOMICS Microbial Community Standard II
D6311 ZymoBIOMICS Microbial Community Standard II
D6320 ZymoBIOMICS Spike-in Control I
D6321 ZymoBIOMICS Spike-in Control II
D6322 ZymoBIOMICS HMW DNA Standard
D6323 ZymoBIOMICS Fecal Reference with TruMatrix™
D6331 ZymoBIOMICS Gut Microbiome Standard

Mock Microbial Communities

For general workflow assessment and positive controls.

Spike-in Controls

For absolute quantification and in situ quality control.

Isolated DNA Standards

To benchmark library prep and bioinformatics.

Reference Material

As a positive control using real life samples.

Microbiomics Made Simple with Zymo Research's Microbiome Standards

Recognized in over 1000 publications.
Cross-validated with multiple quantification methods.
Ensure accurate and reproducible data.

Cited by Leaders in the Field:

Great Science Requires Controls

  • For a limited time, Zymo Research possesses sole discretion on how many standards and controls are to be granted for free. This is to ensure enough materials is provided, based on project size.

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