Get NGS-Ready RNA From Any Sample With Quick-RNA Kits

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Suitable for any Input

Univeral Sample Compatibility

Compatible with any input including cells, tissue, blood, microbe, etc.

Consistent High Quality RNA

Next-Gen Sequencing Ready

The Quick-RNA kits yield high quality RNA as indicated by the RIN (RNA Integrity Number). HeLa cells (2.5 x 10 5) were extracted following the Quick-RNA protocol (n=5). Quality was assessed by Agilent 2200 TapeStation®.

Ready for Applications Including:

  • RNA-Seq & Library preparation
  • RT-PCR & RT-qPCR
  • Northern blot analysis
  • Microarray analysis

Eliminate DNA Contamination

DNA-free RNA

DNA Removal Column and DNase I Included

Total RNA was isolated from 10 6 HeLa cells following protocols by Quick-RNA, Suppliers Q and TF.

Quick-RNA resulted in the least DNA contamination.

Unmatched Yields

Recover 3X More Small RNAs

Quick Rna Analytical Graph

Total RNA was isolated from 10 6 HeLa cells following protocols by Quick-RNA, Suppliers Q, and TF. Concentration assessed by Fragment Analyzer Small RNA Analysis (Advanced Analytical). Quick-RNA achieved the highest small RNA recovery (15-200 nt).

Achieve the Highest Yields of Small RNAs

Nothing Else Compares

Unparalleled Technology

Quick-RNA Supplier Q Supplier TF
Small RNA Recovery
DNA Removal Column Included
DNase I Included

Highly Recommended

In Its Own Class

“We are able to quickly and easily extract high quality RNA for use in RT-PCR. This kit is very affordable as well!”

B.B., Drew University

“Easy and simple to use, even students can manage this! Reliable and in terms of value it is excellent. Color coded spin columns make it fool proof.”

J.H., Otago University

“Good price and easy to use, plus good quality. It is compatible to QIAGEN products RNeasy® kit, but with reasonable price and equal quality. Especially the DNase is inexpensive and is included in the kit.”

X.J., Florida Atlantic University

“Amazing results, the only RNA extraction kit I ever buy now. In my opinion, there is no product on the market that is as good a value and as effective as this kit for the plant tissue RNA extraction.“

E.B., Occidental College

Quick-RNA. RNA from Any Sample.

Binding Capacity Minimum Elution (Animal) Cells Sample Inputs Protocol
Quick-RNA Microprep 10 µg 6 µl ≤ 10 6 Low Input; LCM
Quick-RNA MiniPrep 100 µg 50 µl ≤ 10 7 Cells; Soft Tissue
Quick-RNA MiniPrep Plus 100 µg 50 µl ≤ 10 7 Cells; Any Tissue; Whole Blood
Quick-RNA MidiPrep 1 mg 200 µl ≤ 10 8 Cells; Soft Tissue
Quick-RNA 96 10 µg 25 µl ≤ 10 6 Cells; Soft Tissue

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