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    Quick-DNA/RNA Miniprep


    Quick-DNA/RNA Miniprep

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    D7001 Quick-DNA/RNA Miniprep 50 Preps $368.20
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    • Quick & Easy: Extract DNA and RNA from cells, small amounts of easy-to-lyse tissue, buffy coat, buccal cells, plasma, serum, and other biological liquids. Not compatible with whole blood.
    • Ultra-Pure: Ready for Next-generation sequencing, RT-qPCR, arrays, etc. DNase I included (Plus kit and MagBead only)

    The Quick-DNA/RNA Miniprep Kit provides a quick method for the isolation of high quality genomic DNA and total RNA from small amounts of cells and tissue. The kit isolates both genomic DNA and a broad range of RNA species without the use of phenol. Small RNAs (e.g., tRNAs, microRNAs) can be recovered following a simple adjustment within the RNA isolation protocol – no extra steps are required! Both DNA and RNA from up to 5x106 cells can be eluted into volumes as little as 25 µl in less than 15 minutes.

    Equipment Microcentrifuge, vortex
    Purity DNA and RNA is ready for Next-Gen sequencing, RTPCR, microarray, hybridization, etc. A260/A280, A260/A230: >1.8.
    Sample Source Cells, small amounts of easy-to-lyse tissue, buffy coat, buccal cells, plasma, serum, and other biological liquids. Not compatible with whole blood.
    Size Range Genomic DNA ≥40 kb and Total RNA ≥17 nt
    Yield 100 µg DNA and 50 µg RNA (binding capacity) in ≥50 µl and ≥25 µl (elution volume), respectively

    Use the Quick-DNA/RNA Miniprep for cells and soft tissues. The “Plus” kit accommodates all sample types (cells, tissue, blood) and comes with DNA/RNA Shield (sample collection, transport, storage at ambient temperature).

    Yes, the catalog number for the DNase I set (DNase and DNA Digestion Buffer) that we offer is E1010.

    The kit is optimized with Zymo’s DNase, however DNase from other manufacturers can be used. Follow the respective protocol for on-column DNase treatment. If the DNase does not have a protocol, proceed with in-tube DNase treatment post extraction, then purification using either “Reaction Clean-up procedure” or RCC-5.

    Lyophilized DNase I is stable at room temperature. Once resuspended, store frozen aliquots. Minimize freeze thaw cycles as much as possible. Freeze thaw will lower DNase activity.

    Yes, the Quick-DNA/RNA MicroPrep Plus (#D7005) is designed and capable of purifying RNA down to single cell inputs (picogram amounts). A sensitive quantification method is needed (e.g. Qubit, qPCR, etc.)

    Yes, the kit is compatible with these anticoagulants.

    If the downstream application requires DNA-free RNA, we recommend performing the DNase I treatment.

    It is best to remove the RNAlater as it can interfere with the purification process: - For cells: Pellet via centrifugation at up to 5,000 x g and remove RNAlater (supernatant) - For tissue: Remove tissue using forceps, eliminate any excess reagent or crystals (e.g. PBS rinse) and proceed with addition of RNA Lysis Buffer. If RNAlater cannot be removed, add 1 volume of RNase-free water or PBS (1:1), then add 4 volumes DNA/RNA Lysis Buffer (4:1).

    Yes, proteins can be Acetone Precipitated post RNA binding step. Please request supplementary protocol from Zymo Research Technical Support.

    Yes. Use 80% ethanol as a substitute. DNA/RNA Wash Buffer is also sold separately.

    Yes, both DNA and RNA is high quality (A260/A280 >1.8, A260/A230 >1.8) and suitable for any downstream application, including NGS, qPCR, etc.

    Yes, this kit will isolate small/micro RNA’s ≥ 17 nucleotides.

    Yes, samples in DNA/RNA Lysis Buffer are stable overnight at room temperature and can be stored frozen (-80°C). Be sure to lyse and homogenize the sample well prior to freezing. Bring the sample to room temperature prior to RNA Purification.

    Yes, bring samples homogenized and stored in DNA/RNA Shield to room temperature (20-30ºC). Add 1 volume of DNA/RNA Lysis Buffer (1:1) and mix well. Proceed with DNA Purification.

    Cells - Pellet by centrifugation at up to 5,000 x g and remove RNAlater™ (supernatant). Proceed to Sample Preparation, see protocol.

    Tissue - Transfer into a new tube with forceps and remove any excess RNAlater™. Proceed to Sample Preparation, see protocol.

    Alternatively, for liquid samples from which RNAlater™ cannot be removed, add 1 volume of nuclease-free water (or PBS) to 1 volume liquid sample (1:1) and mix. Then add 4 volumes DNA/RNA Lysis Buffer to 1 volume sample/water (or PBS) mixture (4:1). Mix again and proceed to Total RNA Purification, see protocol.

    This can happen on occasion due to transport or storage at lower temperatures. The reagent functionality is not affected; however, the precipitate can be resolved by heating the reagent to >37 °C.

    “This kit was invaluable. I was able to get at least 1 µg of RNA and several hundred nanograms of DNA from each sample - all of it high quality. Much better than my previous experience with a different dual DNA/RNA isolation kit.”

    - Julie P. (CU Anschutz Medical Campus)

    “I usually recommend this kit for those who want to extract both DNA and RNA from a single sample. We have even had great quality and yield for single insect samples.”

    - Robert B. (Harvard University)

    "The kit is very economical for simultaneous extraction of high quality DNA and RNA from very small amount of biological samples. More particularly, RNA is of good quality that suits best for applications like next-generation sequencing (RNA-Seq)."

    - Muhammad A. (Northwestern University)

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    Cat # Name Size Price
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    C1006-50-F Spin-Away Filters 50 Pack $62.30
    C1001-50 Collection Tubes 50 Pack $17.00
    D7010-2-50 DNA/RNA Prep Buffer 50 ml $71.40
    D7001-1-50 DNA/RNA Lysis Buffer 50 ml $89.50
    D7010-3-24 DNA/RNA Wash Buffer (Concentrate) 24 ml $68.00
    C1078-50 Zymo-Spin IICR Columns 50 Pack $62.30

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